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How the cloud keeps you grounded

27 Apr 2016 / Restoration Job Management Restoration management software

The cloud is everywhere these days. The technology, which could once only be found in the most advanced IT companies, has moved its way into just about every industry and sector. In fact, a recent survey from Spiceworks found that only 7 percent of respondents weren’t using the cloud for any of their current work operations.

Clearly, many modern businesses are getting quite a lot out of the cloud, but what about the restoration industry? Can this technology enable workers to more efficiently and effectively help a company or a homeowner get back on its feet after a harrowing disaster? Let’s take a look:

Collaborate more, confuse less

One of the biggest advantages of working in the cloud is that it

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Turn your restoration company into a truly mobile enterprise

21 Apr 2016 / Restoration Job Management

Adopting a mobile strategy is a top priority for many organizations. According to CredoTechSolutions, 70 percent of businesses considered it a high or critical priority to have a mobile strategy in place over the next 12 months. More than ever companies are making the transition to mobile technology, which includes equipping their teams with tablets, migrating their data to cloud-based platforms, leveraging robust analytics, and utilizing enterprise management software. Unfortunately, not enough restoration companies understand how to truly optimize mobile opportunities or see the cost benefits of becoming a mobile centered company.

However, given the nature of the industry, these businesses would benefit the most from leveraging mobile opportunities. Restoration companies spend most of their time in the field, having

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How software management can overcome hurdles in the restoration industry

8 Apr 2016 / Restoration Business Tips Restoration Job Management

Like in any industry, restoration companies have significant hurdles they must overcome on a regular basis. While some of the problems for restorers are common across multiple sectors, many restoration businesses face unique challenges to this particular industry. So just what are the obstacles that you must overcome to be successful as a restoration company?

Moving information efficiently

The Property and Casualty industry is not only about restoring lives, but managing people. Understanding human behavior and knowing how to handle people is key to being successful in this industry. Restoration contractors sit in the middle of these interactions, whether it is the adjuster, insurance agent, homeowner or public adjuster. Each have different expectations and requirements that need to be fulfilled. Having a

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