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How technology enables scalability

13 May 2016 / Restoration management software Workflow Management

Like the rising and ebbing of floodwaters, a small restoration business must be able to rapidly scale up or down to meet ever changing demand. Like the tides, the property damage industry is cyclical by nature. Restoration companies must constantly adjust handle more or fewer claims, manage their workforce and constantly manage an ever-growing administrative requirements. Having the right workflows in place ensures that operations run smoothly if the tide were to suddenly shift. Companies in the field service industry must regularly review workflows and processes to ensure they align with the size and complexity of the job and company requirements.

A recent survey released by Honeywell and The Service Council of 260 decision-makers about their field service processes revealed that

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Optimizing your business with mobile job management software

6 May 2016 / Best Practices Restoration Job Management

The restoration business is all about efficiency. Customers who mandate restoration contractors for mitigation or reconstruction purposes have just suffered a loss and want their lives returned to normal as quickly as possible. This is always a big challenge for restoration companies who need to manage both homeowner expectations and carrier pricing service requirements. That really means doing quality work within a pre-set financial and scheduling timeframe. More than ever, restoration companies need to optimize their business in order to maximize efficiency.

In today’s digital world, this often means investing in a cloud based job management software such as DASHto streamline business operations and increase scalability. More importantly, the job management software needs to also have a fully-fledged mobile

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