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5 features you need in a restoration management platform

30 Jun 2016 / Restoration Job Management Restoration Job Management Software

The restoration industry is increasingly competitive and demanding. As cloud-based technologies continue to evolve, contractors are increasingly looking to this kind of solution in order to oversee and streamline their business. However, these kinds of platforms have all kinds of benefits and features, and trying to wade through them all can be a difficult process.

In order to help you cut through the confusion, let’s take a look at the top four features every contractor should be looking for in a prospective restoration management platform:

1. Shareability

Capturing information is useless if you can’t move it instantaneously to the people who need it most. The cloud has been found to be an amazing tool for promoting collaboration and communication, but every

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Next Gear Solutions Acquires ClientRunner – Merging Power with Simplicity

20 Jun 2016 / Press Releases

Oxford, MS., June 20, 2016- Next Gear Solutions, the developers of DASH, the market-leading restoration management software, signed an agreement to acquire ClientRunner. The acquisition will couple Next Gear’s expansive and powerful feature set with ClientRunner’s ease of use, creating a combination that will address the needs of a dynamic industry.

“We are excited to unite the ClientRunner platform and customer base under the Next Gear banner. DASH and ClientRunner are the first and second most adopted job management systems in the restoration market, and I believe this combination of talent and technology will benefit the entire industry,” said Garret Gray, CEO of Next Gear Solutions. “Scott Severe will join the executive management team of Next Gear as our Chief Sales Officer. I am pleased to welcome Scott

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3 reasons to move your restoration data to the cloud

16 Jun 2016 / Restoration Job Management Software Restoration management software

Working in the restoration industry requires solid record keeping. Between work authorizations, work orders, record of drying reports and the thousands of other job details contractors need to worry about, keeping it all together and organized can be a hassle. This is why so many restoration companies have moved to cloud-based platforms such as DASH.

So what does the cloud have over paper and other forms of digital documentation? Let’s take a look:

1. Increased mobility

The whole point of the cloud is to move data capture and storage to as many people as possible, so it makes sense that the cloud works so well with mobile devices. In fact, the Economist Intelligence Unit predicted that by 2019, cloud applications would

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Properly documenting the drying process

8 Jun 2016 / Workflow Management

Fighting excessive moisture that can lead to mold is one of principal responsibilities for just about every restoration company mitigating water losses. Leaks and flood damage lead to the growth and infestation of harmful microbes such as mold, fungi and bacteria, which can cause significant health problems for residents or workers. In addition, as moisture seeps into the structure, it can also wreak havoc on walls, floors, insulation and many other components of a building.

Despite the health risks associated with this type of biological contamination, unfortunately, no federal standards exist for airborne concentrations of mold spores, according to the Division of Occupational Health and Safety within the National Institutes of Health. However, although the U.S. Occupational Health and

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