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Data: Your Company’s Most Powerful Tool

27 Apr 2017 / Workflow Management


In this day and age, data is more abundant and more accessible than ever before. Computers and technology have made it easier than ever to collect, manipulate, and analyze just about every type of information available, but there is a significant difference between having data, and having actionable data that you can use to make informed decisions about your business.

The data your business collects can be used to measure profitability, to determine the most effective marketing channels for your business, and can help identify areas of your business where you can improve efficiency to lower costs. And when it comes time to expand your business, data can help you make an informed decision with lower risk.

Measuring Profitability

There are many factors

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4 Ways Restoration Management Software Can Increase Your Bottom Line

20 Apr 2017 / Best Practices Restoration Job Management Restoration management software

You work hard. You have to. That’s the restoration industry. People are counting on you. You’re in business to keep other people in business. But you’re also in business to increase your bottom line. It’s the profit that keeps the lights on, food on the table, and enables you to continue to serve your community.

If we were to ask you what it takes to increase your profit, what would you say? You might say you need to cut costs or that you need to work harder. Those answers wouldn’t necessarily be wrong. You’ve always worked hard, but systems like DASH can help you work forward.

Here are four ways restoration management software can increase your profitability:

  1. Job Costing – In order to

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Time is Money. Restoration Management Software Will Save You Both.

20 Apr 2017 / Restoration management software

When Grandpa said “time is money,” he was right.  A recent  Proudfoot Consulting survey which polled 2,500 businesses in 39 countries found out if don’t use your time efficiently, you lose money. A lot of it. According to the poll, inefficient use of time in the UK cost businesses almost $97 billion. Inefficiency is a growth killer.  For restoration companies looking to grow their business, they must evaluate their performance and come up with strategies that will increase their productivity in 2017. If you haven’t thought about how you could improve, don’t worry. We’ve got a suggestion. Consider choosing a restoration management software for your company. It could save you time and money.

Avoid the Inefficiency Trap

When we

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Dehumidifiers and Dreams: Where Restoration Business Owners Need to Invest

5 Apr 2017 / Workflow Management

Most restoration companies started off the same way– with a dehumidifier and a dream. Literally speaking, it may not have been an actual dehumidifier. It may have been a truck, an air mover, or a truck mount water extractor. But there came a point when you realized that in order to reach your dreams, you had to invest in the right tool or that big piece of equipment. Your investment was going to be the bedrock of your ability to build your business. For a young company, that meant you had to put your chips on the table and go all-in. But you knew that by paying that money up front, even if it hurt your pockets a little bit,

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