Principal Consultant

Kim Slizak

Principal Consultant

Kim Slizak brings over twenty five years’ experience in accounting and consulting across a variety of industries and roles to the team at Next Gear. Kim has worked in many fields within the consulting industry and within the accounting profession. Her early experiences as an accountant helped her grow her managerial functions and consultant skills to a level to where she could start her own consulting business.

Kim has a proven track record in consulting, accountancy and managerial skills that have been very beneficial to her clients and customers in the past. Kim dedicates her life to the expansion and growth of her clients through well planned articulated marketing, business and financial strategies that are used to increase productivity, efficiency and profits.

Kim’s onsite presence with clients sets her apart from everyone else; she uses a beneficial cost analysis process that not only focuses on the money aspect of the company, but what they are hoping to accomplish in the future. She has stopped many clients from making rash and harmful decisions that could have been detrimental to the company’s success and steered them in the right and profitable direction. Kim also gets into the company to find out their core values and how they want to be seen to their employees and clients alike. These specialized core values are what make companies who they are; it defines them and makes them unique and diverse to their competitors in the marketplace and the field.

Kim is a well-known industry leader that has proven her success through countless jobs and applications that have shown her ability to help companies and employees grow to their full potential.

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