Chief Information Officer

Nick Hindle

Chief Information Officer

Nick Hindle has 20+ years of development experience in banking, data management, telecom, and CRM systems. Prior to Next Gear, he was engaged as the ‘go to’ technology person at LexisNexis Risk Solutions for non-Classified Government and Law Enforcement. Working with agencies such as ICE, FBI, NYPD and local government agencies in California and other states, he helped build relationships to develop and deploy unique solutions. Nick also held a key role in the $4.1B integration of Choicepoint into LexisNexis, transitioning customers and teams. In addition to this, he was part of a team helping to define new business for the Insurance market in India.

Prior to LexisNexis, Nick held roles in development and product management at companies such as CopperCom, NTT Verio, and Siemens, British Telecom, Marconi. Before arriving in the US, he worked in Zurich, Switzerland on a global project for UBS/SBG for loans management. Nick has also lived in and worked on projects for England, Belgium, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, and the Caribbean.

Nick is a new citizen of the US and married with a baby daughter.

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