Senior Software Architect

Phillip Parker

Senior Software Architect

Phil was born in Bolton, England. He moved to the US in 1997 when the opportunity presented itself.

Phil has 20+ years of software development experience, and has been responsible for the development of large scale systems in the areas of RTLS (real-time location systems), RFID (radio frequency identification), remote device management system, and point of sales monitoring systems.

Prior to Next Gear, he was the software architect for Proxense, where he was responsible for leading the development of the companies’ real-time location system’s software. Phil also was involved in the development of the companies’ access control and application automation systems.

Prior to Proxense, Phil held similar software architect positions at Tyco and Sensormatic. At Tyco, he led the development of a number of projects, including a service platform for remote and local device management, and RFID based automated inventory systems and middleware. At Sensormatic he developed point of sale monitoring systems.

In all of these positions Phil has continually strived to improve the quality of the software he and his teams build, and takes great pride in delivering reliable well designed systems. Phil holds two patents, one for RFID inventory systems, and one for point of sale monitoring systems.

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