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DASH is a comprehensive restoration job management software solution. This all in one package will not only grow your business, it will change the way you manage your restoration company forever.

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DASH Restoration Job Management System

Industry Leading Restoration Management Software

DASH is a web-based restoration management software system that allows restoration contractors and restoration companies to streamline all their job management, company marketing, customer contacts, equipment, work order requests, calendar, reporting, business accounting and job estimating into one integrated restoration management portal for maximum efficiency across their organization.



  • Over 100 New Features

    Faster than ever, Easier to use, More responsive, More powerful, Unlimited users, Unlimited data, and Over 100 New Features..

  • Job Management Software

    The premier restoration job management system for restoration contractors brings increased profits, employee accountability, business growth to your company.

  • Restoration in the Cloud

    With cloud-based technology, DASH is an online restoration management software that is accessible from anywhere in the world. Web-based access gives you the freedom to control your office no matter where you are.

Features of DASH

These are only a handful of the incredible features DASH Enterprise has to offer. For more information on DASH, please sign up for a FREE DEMO of our affordable industry leading restoration job management software. Call nextgear, not clientrunner
Job Dashboard
Restoration Job Management

See all job statuses in real-time.

The DASH Enterprise Job Dashboard will allow Contractors and businesses running restoration companies to keep their finger on the pulse of their operations. This simple DASHboard will identify all open restoration jobs and their current statuses. DASH Enterprise provides the ability to see all job statuses in real-time. This allows associates the ability to drill down to view open jobs, pending jobs, work in progress and any jobs lacking interaction.
DASH Mobile
Dash Restoration Job Management software

The power of DASH in your pocket.

DASH Mobile is not just a website fit to the size of your screen. Available in both the iTunes and Google Play app stores, our new mobile app takes advantage of smart phones and supports other mobile devices to bring the power of DASH Enterprise out into the field. Real time documentation has never been easier, making a massive impact to sales, marketing, field production, and back office administration.
Dash Altitude
Dash Altitude

Create a bird's-eye view of your company's financials.

DASH Enterprise has the ability to see the financial health of an entire restoration company at a glance. Only DASH Enterprise’s Altitude module gives you the ability to view year-to-date financials without running complicated reports from several different systems and management products or requiring costly integration with other platforms like quickbooks. The system will set date-range searches and begin seeing critical information as it relates to billed/invoiced jobs, works-in-progress, and much more.
Contact Manager
Contact Manager

Keep all of your customer contacts in one place.

With DASH Enterprise there will not be a need to have a separate Contact Management application, as this feature is integrated into DASH Enterprise. The contact manager gives DASH Enterprise powerful tools to manage both active and potential clients as well as the capability of saving notes, photos, and tracking marketing activity. DASH Enterprise's Contact Manager will become the repository for all collected intelligence and ensures this data is kept in-house, and more importantly not walking out the door due to employee turnover.
Calendars & Scheduling
Calendars & Scheduling

Know where your crews are and where they're going.

DASH Enterprise features a full calendar and job scheduling system that allows main offices and additional satellite locations to manage their subcontractors, crews, and team members.
Journal Notes
Journal Notes

Make job notes digital and never misplace them again.

When service technicians, project managers, and damage estimators or appraisers have to produce handwritten notes in the field, they can sometimes get lost or misplaced. With DASH Enterprise, notes are as simple as an email or the touch of a tablet. Notes are entered directly from the field right into the job file via mobile devices or simple emails.
Job Creation
Job Creation

Create fast and more effective restoration job management with our software.

DASH Enterprise makes creating jobs fast and efficient. DASH Enterprise can walk you through the process every step of the way. With the ability to add reminders and restrictions on moving forward, DASH Enterprise will assure the data integrity needed for valuable reporting. DASH Enterprise tracks the common job data points while adding several additional fields to facilitate more effective job management.

Open a window for your customers.

DASH View is one of DASH Enterprise’s most unique and powerful tools. It allows an office the ability to share information about a specific job with a partner, user, or customer through an e-mail link providing access. This e-mail link allows the customer to review specifics about the job they are associated with, including information about dates, the job details, insurance, the broker/agent, the insurance adjusters, the property manager, photos, and non-confidential notes. It gives the customer, insurance agent, or damage appraiser the ability to know what is going on with the job they are associated with without having to call or e-mail the service provider. It makes for a better relationship between the two and increases workflow efficiency.
Work Flow Builder
Work Flow Builder

Create job involvement awareness for your staff.

The DASH Enterprise Work Flow Builder allows you to customize the process of how restoration work is accomplished and send gentle reminders when work tasks need to be accomplished. The Work Flow Builder makes running all different types of restoration jobs easier since every job has different variables that can change the way work must be completed. No longer will you personally have to keep up with these changes, the integration provided by the Work Flow Builder will do that for you.
Compliance Manager
Compliance Manager

Streamline the way your office operates.

The DASH Enterprise Compliance Manager allows each office location and team member to track and manage their compliance with the Work Flow Builder. Keeping track of what needs to be accomplished and giving simple links to aid in accomplishing each task is the primary purpose of the Compliance Manager. This feature will streamline the way your office and other locations operate and will minimize the number of important tasks falling through the cracks.

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