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DryTrack has redefined moisture management for the restoration industry. More than a simple water damage software, DryTrack will transform your water team.

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DryTrack Moisture Management Reimagined

Moisture Management Reimagined

The team that brought you DASH, the industry’s leading job management restoration platform, brings another game changing tool to the industry through DryTrack, the first intelligently designed moisture monitoring application developed by an IICRC certified trainer and backed by the Next Gear development team.

DryTrack is more than a simple water damage software. It is a mobile mitigation management tool that helps restoration professionals rationalize the drying process with pre-programmed IICRC S500 recommendations built within the application. Its objective approach has intuitive moisture point entry system, intelligent moisture scales and default industry equipment already saved in the program. Moreover, it’s digital clock in, clock out on each drying visits helps track time spent on each job. DryTrack users will also be able to track all billable equipment on jobs, creating better tracking and reporting capabilities. The data captured through DryTrack helps restoration companies become more transparent and accountable in the claims mitigation process.

By retrieving all atmospheric readings, moisture readings, and dry standards at every site visit, the data recorded will yield comprehensive moisture reports and drying data at the click of a button.  The intelligent design ensures field technicians never forget to capture a reading again as DryTrack will remind them if they’ve forgotten one or overlooked a reading. It actually helps make technicians better. In other words, DryTrack ensures accurate monitoring without making business decisions for you or your team.

The team at Next Gear Solutions remains committed to providing leading industry tools that help data transparency while increasing overall operational efficiency. From the start, they have leveraged years of industry experience and in-depth knowledge of the latest industry standards and drying techniques to create the most objective and relevant moisture monitoring and reporting application on the market today.

  • IICRC S500 Compliant

    With pre-programmed IICRC S500 recommendations built in and DryTrack being developed by an IICRC certified trainer, you can rest assured knowing that all recommended readings will be taken.

  • Offline Capable

    While an internet connection is preferred, it is not necessary to access the core functionality of DryTrack. Readings taken offline will be uploaded as soon as internet connection is reestablished.

  • Intuitive Design

    DryTrack has been intuitively designed with the understanding of the drying process in mind. It is preloaded with IICRC recommendations and will even remind you if a reading is missed or overlooked.

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