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The team at Next Gear Solutions has re-imagined Restoration Job Management for Restoration Contractors with DASH Enterprise. Restoration Contractors work in extreme conditions to service their customers, and we believe it is our responsibility to help any way we can. That is why we have built Restoration Job Management tools that are as mobile as the phones they carry. We make it easy to track equipment, upload photos, and speak notes directly into the job file. Restoration Management Software should be more than just software; it should be a solution that starts with a feature-rich product and is backed up with five-star service and support.

What is Job Management Software?

Job Management Software is any software that enables an organization to better manage jobs. Job Management Software will typically have the ability to create a job that acts as a “folder” to collect information about that job. Workflow and Task Management is typically found in most Job Management systems as well.

What is Job Management Software for Restoration?

Restoration Management Software is sometimes what many call Job Management Software for a Restoration Contractor. With so many job management software solutions on the market that don’t tie into insurance claims, it is important to understand why choosing an restoration-specific Job Management software is important.

The Restoration Industry System of Choice

Our restoration platform software not only offers tools to manage your jobs, but also offers the tools you need to transform and grow your restoration business.

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What Our Customers are Saying

  • "Allows everything to be in one place, improves communication and increases productivity."

    Mike Crebs Service Team of Professionals
  • "Paperless, clean and organized, all projects at my fingertips in one spot. That's awesome, thanks!"

    Ron V. Paul Davis Restoration Southern NH & Maine
  • "It's easy and quick and mobile."

    Missie Medley Georgia Water and Fire Restoration

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It’s time to discover what the Next Gear Restoration Platform can do for your company.

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