Allstate GHRN - MICA Sign-Up


We are excited to share that Allstate GHRN members will soon be using MICA for water mitigation jobs.

The cost of adding the Allstate program to MICA for existing MICA customers is $30 per month (in addition to your existing MICA monthly fee) and $7 per GHRN water mitigation transaction.

For new MICA customers, the cost is $85 per month and $7 per GHRN water mitigation transaction.

In order to be enabled for MICA work you must acknowledge your acceptance of these billing terms by registering your XactNet address below.

Form to register your XactNet address to do MICA work if part of Allstate GHRN program.
    We must have a credit card on file in order to activate you for GHRN work. If we don’t have a credit card on file, you must add one before we can activate you. You can add or change a credit card by calling us at 866-769-7855 and choosing Option #3.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.