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10 Expert Tips for Better Restoration Software Implementation

Studies show that two out of three transformation initiatives fail in organizations. If you asked each of the thousands of change management experts to share their most important tips, you’d get several hundred different answers. The change management tips for success that comeback time after time are the ones you want to use, no matter what […]

5 Questions Every Restoration Business Must Ask Before Buying Job Management Software

It’s more important than ever for disaster restoration companies to have a competitive advantage. When it comes to running your business more efficiently, having the right job management software can be the difference between higher profits and happier employees or headaches and lost documentation.  Are you ready to choose a restoration management software platform for […]

How to Improve Restoration Employee Accountability

Why Employee Accountability Matters Employee accountability can be a difficult subject to talk about, even though it’s the key to employee engagement. In fact, some studies show that employee engagement levels have sunk to thirteen percent, apathy is prevalent, and job-hopping is increasingly the norm. We’ve all been there — management is concerned that employees […]

The CRM Buyer’s Guide for Restoration Companies

Customer relationship management (CRM) software can help disaster restoration companies manage and grow their business by streamlining sales processes, keeping customer data organized, and providing insightful analytics. Today, there are more CRM options available for companies of all sizes than ever before. Some are robust solutions, others are simple, and some are even free. Use [...]

DASH Restoration Software: Trust the “Cloud” when The Storm Rolls In

Weather-Related Disasters are Increasing For years, scientists and politicians have warned of the effects of global warming on the environment. Specifically, America is starting to experience more storms and bad weather. Warm air holds more moisture, so as air temperatures rise from year to year, we will continue to see more rain and flooding. According to […]