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The Business of Restoration: A Better Way to Run

30 Aug 2013 / Restoration Business Tips

Restoration Contractors are really companies who focus on Restoration Management, as they are responsible for restoring all types of property, generally insurance driven, but also for dealing with the documentation and the rules of the insurance companies. Running a company that focuses on the restoration of property can be separated into two halves: technical and business. The technical side deals with the science behind water mitigation, fire damage cleaning, mold remediation, reconstruction, and more. The business side deals with how to execute the technical pieces in a manner that is profitable and sustainable while meeting the ever-changing industry standards.

If you are a restorer, most likely you are constantly looking for a better way to run. Here are a few tips

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Grow Your Restoration Company: People or Process

16 Aug 2013 / Restoration Business Tips

Growing a Restoration Company is not as easy as it once was. Go back 20 years, and the Insurance Restoration Industry was a completely different animal. Gone are the days of just naming your price and running the job as you please. Now contractors have to work off of standardized pricing databases while jumping through more and more hoops to meet the industry standard, and that does not even address program work.

So how do you grow a Restoration Company in this new environment—get more or better people or build better processes? To answer this question we can look to other industries for guidance. The Restoration Industry is not the only one facing changes that lower the ease of turning a

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