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Restoration Management Software: What to look for

25 Oct 2013 / Restoration Job Management Software

When if comes to comparing all of the software solutions that attempt to meet the needs of the Restoration Contractor, let me first expose my bias. As the founder of Next Gear Solutions and the creator of DASH Enterprise, I believe that DASH is the best solution for managing a restoration company, both full service and water restoration. Before I draw some comparisons, I will define “a software for managing a restoration company” and set a few ground rules.

Definition of Restoration Management Software:
A restoration management software, if it truly lives up to its title, will manage all jobs and projects as well as relationships (CRM). However to truly be Restoration Management Software, I believe a higher level of management

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Efficient and Effective Restoration Job Management

23 Oct 2013 / Workflow Management

In the world of Restoration, efficient and effective job management has been made easier with technology. However, if not set up right, what should be easy is just more work. Striking the right balance may not seem obvious to some owners and managers. This article aims to take years of trial and error and boil it down to a few high level conclusions.

As a consultant in this industry, I have seen every type of setup in numerous technologies, and while it is no secret that I think DASH Enterprise gives a restoration company the best opportunity for efficient and effective job management, the following principles would hold true for most configurable systems.

Keep it Simple, not Stupid

I have heard far

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Maximize Your Social Media

22 Oct 2013 / Restoration Business Tips

In the restoration industry, companies are always trying to get a lead on their competition. The newest way of doing this is through social media. While social media is great and mostly a free resource, you need to have direction when creating your campaigns instead of just throwing noodles at the wall to see if they stick. Social media is more of a long-term commitment than just a quick 140-character blast if you want to get the most out of it. Here are some tips to help you maximize the effectiveness of your social media.

Social Media is best for spreading the word about what services you offer, whether that’s reconstruction, mold remediation, board up and emergency services, etc. Offer advice,

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Change Management for Restoration Management Software

21 Oct 2013 / Restoration Business Tips

If you are about to implement a Job Management Software as a Restoration Contractor it is important to focus on managing the change just as much as the new software. Significant change in any organization can be disruptive if not handled correctly.

How to manage change:

Start with WHY. Make sure everyone understands why the change is happening and what is in it for them and the company.
Don’t downplay the change or oversell it. Manage expectations and talk through what your staff can expect.
Address people’s fears. Most people fear they will be left behind when change happens. Make sure your staff believes they will have the tools necessary to make the change successfully.
Move forward and

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Keeping Communication During CAT Situations

18 Oct 2013 / Restoration Job Management

There are some clichés that will always ring true in the restoration industry. One of them is that the best offense is a great defense. In the restoration industry, things can change at the drop of a hat especially when it comes to natural disasters. It is always a great idea to have a plan in place so that you can effectively communicate information to your employees and customers about what is going on.

Having a single source of information is key to your employees so that they are not getting conflicting information and causing a bottleneck. One of the best ways to do this is by having assigned teams for when a disaster happens and having a point person for

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Reap the Benefits of LinkedIn

11 Oct 2013 / Restoration Business Tips

LinkedIn has become a go-to tool for many businesses for keeping up with what is going on with different companies, professionals, and professional groups. While social media giants like Facebook and Twitter are great to use for promoting your restoration company, it is easy to miss your target audience there. LinkedIn allows you to connect with the people who really matter and have a voice with the company or person you are trying to connect with. Here are some tips to help optimize your LinkedIn page and to get more views!

1. Have a keyword-rich company overview page. This will be the first thing that users see when they navigate to your page, and it will serve as a useful marketing

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Streamlined Restoration Job Management

9 Oct 2013 / Workflow Management

Restoration contractors have a changing industry to deal with. Shrinking profit margins, new regulations, and new programs are popping up each day. Now more then ever, Restoration Contractors have to streamline their operations to keep up and stay in business. Getting streamlined is no longer an option—it is a necessity.

How do you streamline your company?

When you look to streamline any company or process it is important to understand how your process works today. The best way to do that is to draw out that process in a flow chart. Having a visual will help everyone understand any duplication in the process. For example, how many times do you write or type out basic customer or claim information into a system,

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The Heroes at the End of this Post

8 Oct 2013 / Workflow Management

I’d like to tell you a story. It’s about a people who give their all in oftentimes horrible situations. They help bring peace and reassurance to people who are in a crisis and comfort when people are concerned that their homes or businesses are ruined.

These people are called out in times of need. Often, they are summoned after-hours as they are trying to spend time with their families and often when they are trying to sleep.

Growing up, we had these idealized and bigger-than-life visions of what constituted a hero. Batman. Spiderman. Superman. They were all there for people in times of need. While no one flashes a signal into the air to get our heroes to help, they are no

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Mobile Apps: Why are they so Powerful?

7 Oct 2013 / Restoration Job Management Software

It’s not uncommon to see a restoration contractor walk into a flooded structure with a folder full of paper in one hand and a camera in the other. We all know how important documentation is, and DASH provides a better way to run for restoration contractors.

Using mobile apps to document properly and save time:

By using a mobile application that works in conjunction with your job management software, you’re able to quickly add job notes in real time as well as photos. Is this really important? What’s the harm in snapping photos and running them back to the office? Good question… you’ve probably encountered a situation where the job photos were insufficient but you didn’t realize this until the technician had

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Word Of Mouth

1 Oct 2013 / Best Practices

With all of the different forums for social media today it can be hard to focus on your group of clients and get the most out of your message. Social media sites offer a free way of communicating with large groups of people, but what good does all that communicating really do when you get no feedback? Let us not forget the original source of social media—word of mouth.

People often want to talk to other people about their experiences with companies, both good and bad. According to a recent Nielsen poll, word of mouth is the most trusted source of information, so it’s vital that you get out there and get people talking about your restoration company. When setting up

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