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Disaster Restoration Management

16 May 2014 / Best Practices

When a disaster strikes, Restoration Contractors need to be ready. While others run from disaster zones, Restoration Contractors run toward the devastation. Being prepared for a disaster separates the Contractors who are able to profit from the event and those who won’t.

Here are some ideas Restoration Contractors can use to maximize their ability to work during a CAT event:

Be Prepared

During CAT events, as well as everyday volume, restoration management software will help contractors operate at their peak performance potential. However, it is important to understand the tools and make sure all operating processes are streamlined before utilizing software. Don’t use job management software for the first time during a CAT, but start off using these tools on every day work.

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Customer Focused Restoration Management Software

15 May 2014 / Restoration Job Management Software

All Restoration Contractors know that customer service is key to their long-term growth. If your current customers are not happy, getting new customers will become harder and harder. Your reputation will catch up with you, and no amount of marketing will solve it.

How can customer satisfaction be known or even tracked?

At Next Gear Solutions, we built DASH knowing that Job Management and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) meant tracking and managing customer service. So we built our Restoration Management Software to manage and track customer satisfaction. More than that, we developed a third party monitoring service that fully integrates into the software. This allows our clients to know what is happening on a job from

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Restoration Management Software

14 May 2014 / Restoration Job Management Software

In order to effectively run a Restoration Company, visibility into job management and marketing is key. Many try to separate job management and marketing as if the two worlds should not meet. At Next Gear Solutions, we built DASH because we believe that Restoration Contractors need powerful job management tools designed to work with power CRM tools. Because when CRM and Job Management flow together, the outcome can’t be beat.

We believe that Restoration Management Software should rest on two main pillars.

Job Management:

Job Management is more than just documentation; it’s workflows, business intelligence, employee scoring, customer service, job costing, and much more. Job Management for Restoration Contractors is the ability to quickly see where everything is and the knowledge

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