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How Nimble Are You?

27 Jan 2015 / Restoration Job Management Software

While most restoration companies will argue that experience & workmanship are the cornerstones of their success, the changing needs of the insurance industry are beginning to paint a different picture. Instead, insurance companies are pushing compliance and performance as the main drivers of success.

We would all like to believe that our businesses are scalable. In the restoration industry that means being able to take on a larger work volume while maintaining the same level of service. Although this may hold true for some restoration contractors, the reality remains that most cannot efficiently scale to handle more work and still maintain an acceptable level of service.

Having access to resources to take on more work in the field is essential. However, the

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VPASS Performance Scoring – Another DASH Exclusive

6 Jan 2015 / Company Press Releases

Oxford, MS, January 06, 2015 — Next Gear Solutions, Inc., the team behind DASH – the ultimate management software for the restoration industry – is excited to introduce another exclusive feature from the biggest and most recent release from Next Gear Solutions. On December 18th, 2014, through the Q4 release, DASH introduced real-time compliance monitoring called VPASS, which stands for Value Progression Adjusted Sigma Score and is based on a proven Six Sigma methodology.

At its core, VPASS is a dynamic and transparent method of measuring and quantifying overall performance, while more importantly predicting future performance. According to Garret Gray, CEO and President of Next Gear Solutions, “this monitoring approach is unique in that

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