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Let the documents speak for themselves

30 Jun 2015 / Workflow Management

Restoration contractors work in an industry where liability exposure is high. Compliance requirements and mismanaged claims processes not only cost a claims project but many others to come. All it takes is a missing or lost drying record or an emergency work authorization form and you could be denied payment on a job.

This has happened to numerous restorers, and it’s easy to misplace paper documents when there are so many for each job. The biggest solution is moving away from the paper monster you might be dealing with to a digital interface that can organize and give you and other stakeholders’ involved immediate access to documents.

Why you need to file everything on a project
In order to avoid a claims

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Role of mobile documentation growing for restoration industry

11 Jun 2015 / Restoration Business Tips Restoration Job Management Software

There are numerous priorities on your mind as a restoration contractor, such as increasing productivity, reducing overall costs and having a competitive edge with customer satisfaction. All of these things are what make successful restorers in this industry and without a centralized platform to manage everything; you could be hurting your productivity and profitability.

Paper solutions are quickly becoming a thing of the past as many businesses want to move to paperless systems. Sending and receiving emails, photos and estimates can be done with a few clicks, instead of printing, mailing, receiving and returning documents. There’s too many opportunities for documents to get lost in transition and in today’s age.

The need for instant photography
One of the most important aspects of

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