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3 Steps for Choosing a Job Management Software for your Restoration Company

27 Aug 2015 / Blog

Workflow Software: Features vs. Power

With the ever increasing accessibility to technology, more cleaning and restoration contractors are embracing software to manage their business than ever before. It seems there are dozens of software solutions for any given market, especially in the market for workflow software – the list to choose from is growing daily! Most contractors simply don’t have the time to filter through all the options – they just need a solution that works, and works well.

The Magnetism of Software Features

The first approach that many make when considering a software package for their business is to start checking off a shopping list of necessary features. On the surface, this isn’t a bad practice; there is typically basic functionality that

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Don’t let compliance tasks slip through the cracks

26 Aug 2015 / Restoration Business Tips Restoration Job Management Software

If you run multiple offices as a restoration contractor, you know how difficult it can be to manage every single compliance tasks within all your locations. Your priorities might be intact, but it’s actually easy to let one simple compliance task slip through the cracks.

In this industry, a single oversight or delay can quickly add to overall cost of the job or even make a client unhappy. Instead, restorers have to stay on top of each job tasks and details as it arises. No matter how small or big the job is, restoration contractors have to be sure tasks are completed on time.

Typical compliance tasks will include contacting the customer within a prescribed time frame, arriving on-site within a certain

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How a centralized database in the cloud keeps you up to speed

24 Aug 2015 / Restoration Job Management Software Restoration management software

More businesses continue to rely on real-time information. Whether it’s job statuses, paper documents or customer information, it pays to have this data readily available in the blink of an eye.

In the past, businesses that worked both in the field and the office often found themselves racing back and forth to obtain information on the job site and through customers. Luckily, technology has advanced enough to allow businesses to work wherever they need to be through cloud-based technology.

By working in the cloud, your business has real time access to claims, documents, client information and job statuses. Additionally, for restoration contractors, this is essential as manning multiple jobs at once can quickly turn into a juggling act between insurance agents, adjusters

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The art of managing expectations

20 Aug 2015 / Restoration Business Tips

Generally speaking, restoration contractors simply want to perform the best job possible in the least amount of time. Having claims participants on different levels of communication could cause serious setbacks that cost money and create delays in the claim lifecycle. To ensure you’re on the right path with your restoration project, you need to better manage expectations by providing claims stakeholders real time claim information.  By keeping the lines of communication open you will increase efficiency and overall satisfaction. It’s about keeping everyone in the know about the project’s progress with your clients.

Juggling multiple tasks at once
It’s not uncommon for restoration contractors to be called to manage expectations, timelines, budgets and other things that affect the project. Throughout a

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Change: The 6-letter word many businesses fear

14 Aug 2015 / Restoration Business Tips

As a business owner, making changes can be a challenging yet enduring task. However, if your business doesn’t make any changes and ignores essential trends in the industry, you could be destined for failure.

Especially in today’s modern world, change comes about as quickly as the weekly newspaper. With technology and social media revamping industry and organizational strategies, companies have to be ready to make alterations to their business.

The problem for restoration contractors is that there are often numerous people involved on a project at any given time. Whether it’s your crew, clients or other partners involved on your jobsite, you have to keep everyone up to date with the latest trends.

Dale Kirke, a learning development specialist for Thales Training and

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Are you being competitive with a claims management system?

13 Aug 2015 / Restoration Job Management Software

Restoration contractors know that having the best equipment, most up-to-date computers and highly trained personnel are all critical to the success of their organizations. However, one area that truly takes precedence out of all of these things is managing your business with real-time data.

Without the right tools to manage your assets, you can be left in the dust when compared to competitors who are investing in automating their claims management system. Specifically in the property and casualty industry, claims management keeps your projects on track. For restoration contractors, you have to be one step ahead to deal with any pitfalls that could sneak up on you.

Handling big data with a claims management system
In the restoration industry, big data has come a long

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5 ways to avoid costly data entry errors with your restoration business

6 Aug 2015 / Restoration Business Tips Restoration Job Management Software

Whether you’re taking notes or entering information into an Excel spreadsheet, there’s always room for errors that could cost your restoration business time and money. As a restoration contractor, you know the troubles of balancing the books with changing estimates, purchase orders and labor hours.

Handling all of these numbers can get extremely tricky. Although having a great accountant helps, there are some tips you can follow to reduce the amount of clerical errors in your business. It only takes one misread time card or purchase order to cause serious trouble for your restoration project and create extensive downtime.

Instead, here are five ways you can avoid costly data entry errors with your restoration business:

1. Add transparency
Whenever you’re trying to reduce

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4 signs your business might be out of date

3 Aug 2015 / Restoration Business Tips Restoration Job Management Software

In certain industries, business owners are reluctant to adopt new strategies, technology and ways of thinking when their old-school habits made them successful in the first place. There’s a lot of credence in believing in your successful business practices, but there also comes a time to step back and see if you could be doing better.

In the property and casualty industry, experienced restoration contractors know how business works in their field. There’s no doubt that many restorers are successful in their daily duties. However, there could be room to grow, and the best way to do this is by looking at the things that make 21st-century businesses successful and what actually harms them as well.

It’s important to know the things you might be doing wrong and

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