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Stop Playing the Shell Game

27 Jan 2016 / Best Practices Restoration Business Tips

The heightened need for insurance compliance has pushed restoration contractors to become more transparent than ever before. In this hyper connected society, consumers are ever more discerning and skeptical about companies. This expectation for transparency has gone beyond the social realm and is embedded in businesses across all industries. This demand for transparency has never been more important to a successful business model. The days of chasing paper, carrying file folders, or logging information on spreadsheets are becoming obsolete. No longer can companies afford to reshape information, or bury it in filing cabinets for no one to access or see. It is no longer viable in this new era of consumers to operate without some form of transparency. The only

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3 Ways Mobile can Transform a Restoration Company

22 Jan 2016 / Restoration Business Tips Restoration management software

Many restoration business owners understand the value and importance in completing work as quickly as possible. Although varying factors will cause inevitable delays on job progress. Mobile technology remains an increasingly important tool to help with efficiency gains. When important information can flow freely between the field and the office jobs are generally processed more quickly.

Smartphone technology makes working with increased speed easier than ever before. TechRadar explained that mobile technology has improved so it can cater to users’ specific needs. This is especially the case for business operations, which can now oversee and manage every aspect of their company all from the palm of their hands. Enhancements to cloud technology have also increased the capabilities of business owners. Documents

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What Should A Restoration Company Look like in 2016

14 Jan 2016 / Workflow Management

The Insurance Restoration Industry has been changing for years. So what will 2016 bring and how should you prepare for it? As we reflect back on 2015, which was relatively quiet from a weather perspective, but a big year for some large franchisors who made the commitment to embrace real-time transparent job management through the DASH platform. More than ever, restoration contractors find themselves at even keels with little competitive advantage. While we continue to see more companies embracing the DASH platform as their preferred claims management system, what can be done to draw differentiation through transparency and real-time management?

Today, claims performance not only means responding to claims quickly to prevent secondary damage and reduce claim severity, but more importantly

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The High Cost of Inefficiency

8 Jan 2016 / Restoration Job Management Restoration Job Management Software Restoration management software Workflow Management

The restoration industry is constantly evolving, and contractors have the responsibility to stay on par with the latest industry standards all while trying to remain profitable in a highly competitive field. Forward thinking restoration contractors understand the need to streamline their operations with technology in order stay relevant. Without adapting to the changing landscape, business and profits will ultimately dwindle. However, using technology can increase accountability, profitability and transparency within the day to day business operations.

A company’s success with technology will depend on how business leaders can take action and commit to embracing the change within their organization. According to the Cloud Accountability Project, whether it’s regulators, insurance compliance agents or a contractor’s staff, a chain of accountability through a

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