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The Restoration Management Software Formula for Success

29 Feb 2016 / Blog

The Restoration Management Software Formula for Success

“Are you a restoration contractor?” – Check.

“Are you looking for software to make you more efficient?” – Check.

“Do you want to drastically improve your bottom line?” – Check.

For many contractors, the primary reason for looking to implement a restoration management software system, like ClientRunner, is to become better organized. We would argue that in actuality a contractor looks for software to make more money – a more organized business leads to a more profitable business! We understand the software formula for success; for years we have helped contractors make more money and drastically improve their bottom line!

As a restoration contractor, you have a lot on your

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Increase claims capacity with workflow management

25 Feb 2016 / Restoration management software restoration management technology Workflow Management

When a catastrophe strikes, restorers must have the right resources in place to handle the surge in claims while meeting customers’ expectations and carrier claims guidelines. However, during times of major catastrophes, when stress and frustration are running high, it’s important that restoration companies have the ability to manage their workflows without getting bogged down in redundant paperwork, poor communications, or other inefficiencies that can derail the entire project. Thankfully, DASH’s workflow management feature assists restorers with streamlining workflows and automating the claims process, which creates accountability, reduces duplicate work and tracks the performance of all the parties involved in the project. By increasing capacity with workflow management, restoration companies have the ability to optimize efficiency, thereby trimming schedules and,

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Increase the Efficiency of Your Restoration Company with Cloud-Based Technology

22 Feb 2016 / Blog

As more and more business owners are increasingly moving to “the cloud”, it’s important to understand what benefit the cloude-based technology movement really means to your company. Like other technology shifts in the past, it can rain down incredible advantages to a business of any size.
What is the cloud?
Cloud-Based TechnologyA cloud environment in technology is simply a network of servers that conveniently allows anytime, anywhere access to data. The many intertwined servers in the network allow for data to be securely stored in massive warehouses across the world. This allows for quick and easy data storage and sharing among any number of individuals – assuming they have the rights to access such data.

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STARTING UP STRONG — Next Gear’s growth has accelerated last couple years

18 Feb 2016 / Press Releases

Speaking at the Discovery Luncheon Feb. 12 co-sponsored by Innovate Mississippi and the Oxford-Lafayette Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Foundation, Garret Gray, president and CEO of Next Gear Solutions, shared the story of how their technology startup, Next Gear Solutions, has grown to 80 full-time employees since its beginnings in 2008.

The Discovery Luncheon preceded Startup Weekend Oxford, a 54-hour marathon weekend event where potential entrepreneurs come to together to form teams, develop business ideas, present the ideas to potential investors, and win prizes to help their companies grow.

Allen Kurr, vice president of the Oxford-Lafayette County Economic Development Foundation, said hearing the story of Next Gear Solutions was a perfect way to encourage other business entrepreneurs.

“Next Gear Solutions has really

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Avoid creating a claims catastrophe

12 Feb 2016 / Restoration Job Management

As the majority of industries continue incorporating technologies and applications into their daily operations, they are ultimately becoming more automated. By diminishing the need for both paper and duplication of work, technology is creating new avenues for companies to streamline procedures and boost productivity. One such industry where the automation process is making significant headway is the restoration sector.

After a disaster strikes, policyholders file claims to obtain the services and resources necessary to restore the damaged property back to its original state. Though disasters are rare, these tragic events are still an unavoidable aspect of regular life and they can strike anywhere, at any time. For any homeowner, the experience to file a claim for the first time

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My First Experience in Restoration as an Outsider

4 Feb 2016 / Blog

I had never before been exposed to the cleaning and restoration industry, and I was completely amazed at how complex and detailed restoration work actually is. From insurance adjusters to homeowners to employees to subcontractors and everything in between, a restoration contractor has to juggle it all in order to run a successful business. I’ve known that contractors like to get their hands dirty, but this is serious work!

“Not only does it save you time, but Clientrunner improves your organization, ultimately saving saving the company an incredible amount of money.”

Today, I had the opportunity to take a tour with a major restoration company in Utah to better understand their daily workflow. They have been in business for twenty years now,

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