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The world’s gone mobile

29 Jul 2016 / Restoration Job Management Software Restoration management software

Smartphones truly are incredible marvels of technology. Computers used to be monstrous behemoths that required near-constant attention and maintenance, and gadgets that are infinitely more powerful can now fit in your pocket. It’s no wonder so many people have decided to bring a smartphone into their lives.

That said, this presents an enormous opportunity for business leaders, especially those within the restoration industry. You may have an office that acts as a headquarters, but most of the work your company does happens in the field. This means that any sort of restoration management software has to not only fit into your schedule, but also in your pocket.

Your employees already have the tools

To begin, it’s important to recognize how many of your

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Does your company suffer from data sprawl?

22 Jul 2016 / Restoration Business Tips

Every restoration project requires on-going documentation, which means the amount of data that needs to be captured and stored for each job is considerable. Often times restoration companies who are not utilizing a claims management platform means they are most likely capturing and storing their data through a patchwork of systems. This is not only inefficient and costly to manage, but also poses a serious security risk. With cyber crime growing at an alarming rate, companies in every industry need to mitigate the impact “data sprawl” can have on their organization. However, there exists simple and agile ways to keep your company’s data secure and easier to manage. Let’s look at a few solutions that can help your company

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Can you mitigate these 3 challenges?

14 Jul 2016 / Restoration Business Tips Restoration management software

The restoration industry is not what it used to be. Increases in performance monitoring, risk exposure, administrative requirements and ever growing severities due to climate change, all contribute to the complexities of running a restoration business. There’s constant pressure to ensure the job follows standard service levels and gets done quickly. That said, many of these hurdles can be easily overcome by having the right tools and solution in place. To that end, let’s take a look at the top three challenges within the restoration industry, and what business owners can do to help mitigate those challenges.

1. Data storage

Information management and data storage has changed a lot in recent years. An entire filing cabinet’s worth of documents can now easily

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How VPASS improves KPI measurements

8 Jul 2016 / Restoration Job Management Software

Running a restoration company involves overseeing and streamlining a wide range of duties and responsibilities to ensure you’re providing the best services possible, while also positioning the company for future growth. However, unless you are constantly tracking and measuring the right metrics about your company, you might not reach your growth objectives.

“KPIs let restoration companies drill down into their data to determine what is and is not working.”

The best way to track how your organization’s growth is coming along is by using key performance indicators (KPI’s). KPIs provide a framework that owners and managers can use to establish short and long term goals, as well as measure how successful their operations

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