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What can you do to make your restoration business more efficient?

26 Aug 2016 / Restoration Business Tips

Efficiency is important in all parts of life, but especially within business. As a member of the restoration industry, you already work hard enough and deserve the right to make your job easier. To that end, let’s take a look at how you can maximize efficiency in your company.

Automate the claims process

The restoration industry is very unpredictable, one day you may only be managing one claim, while the next, ten new assignments may fall on your lap. The process of managing and mitigating claims are becoming increasingly complex, carrier service standards add to the challenge of getting the work done efficiently but also having to follow strict job documentation timelines. Having to provide quality workmanship is only half the job,

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Is your restoration company falling behind?

19 Aug 2016 / Restoration Business Tips Restoration management software

Technology is advancing at an incredibly fast pace. Even industries that previously had little use for technology or mobile devices, such as the construction and restoration sector, are now realizing the importance of keeping up with the times. Objects as ubiquitous as paper records are becoming incredibly obsolete, with Xerox having predicted that fewer than 10 percent of organizations will regularly use paper in 2018.

The best way to ensure the success of your business is to use the latest technology, and yet many restoration contractors aren’t sure how these advances can apply to their line of work.

To that end, what areas of your business can be improved with a technological solution?

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Is your restoration business’s data safe enough?

12 Aug 2016 / Restoration Business Tips Restoration Job Management Software

The collection of data and storage is one of the hardest parts of running just about any business. You may want to focus on finishing the job you were actually paid for, but doing so generally requires an immense amount of paperwork and communication. The restoration sector is certainly guilty of this, since beginning any sort of rebuild requires all kinds of compliance standards and approvals to be dealt with and met.

Additionally, any sort of data that is generated during a project also needs to be stored and accessible for a considerable amount of time. Organizations need to be able to document that they did everything they were supposed to do during a job and the documentation of this information

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How can you leverage cloud-based software to edge out your competition?

5 Aug 2016 / Restoration Business Tips

The business landscape is increasingly competitive. In today’s digital world, this very often means ensuring you’re staying current with the latest technological trends. Sadly, many restoration companies still rely on very outdated ways of running their organization.

The cloud is one of the most revolutionary technologies to hit the enterprise world recently, and it’s allowing companies that adapt to it to take a serious competitive edge over others in their industry. So what can a cloud-based job management platform bring to your restoration company?

Better data management of current and potential customers

“Every business relationship needs to have a personal aspect to it.”

The restoration industry is relationship driven. One of the best

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