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Understanding the Cloud and How It Can Benefit Your Business

28 Oct 2016 / Restoration Job Management Software Workflow Management

Cloud computing is quickly becoming the new normal, but many people still don’t quite understand what the term “cloud” means and how using cloud-based software can help your business grow and succeed. In reality, we all use cloud-based systems everyday – from email to Facebook and pretty much anytime we open an app on our phone.

Cloud-based software is simply software that uses the internet to access and store data. Rather than storing all your data on a physical server located somewhere in your business that requires computers to be directly connected to your server’s network to access the data, cloud computing enables unlimited users to access the cloud server and it’s data from wherever they are.

The benefits of cloud computing

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DryTrack Updated to New S500

21 Oct 2016 / Restoration Job Management Software Workflow Management

Late last year the IICRC released the fourth edition of the ANSI/IICRC S500 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Water Damage Restoration, and with that update came a few changes that affect the way water damage restoration jobs are handled.

One major change included redefining the classes of water intrusion and an updated, more objective means of estimating the evaporation load in a building based on the amount of affected materials. The second major change included a rationale for air movement placement based on the amount of wet, affected surfaces.

Both of these changes have been reflected in an update to DryTrack, which is now fully up to date with the new S500. You can trust that with DryTrack you are

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Five Things to Consider When Choosing Job Management Software

11 Oct 2016 / Restoration Job Management Software Workflow Management

When it comes to running your business more efficiently, having the right job management software in your back pocket can be the difference between higher profits and happier employees or headaches and lost documentation. There are several job management software options available today, ranging from generic project management software to industry-specific software. So how do you know what will be the best fit your business?

Industry-specific software has many benefits – often measurable – over generic software. If you are considering a new job management software, industry-specific job management software can help you get more jobs, grow your profits, and more accurately track the financial health of your business.

Track and Measure Job Profitability

Do you know what jobs are your most profitable,

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