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What Makes or Breaks a Business

30 Nov 2016 / Restoration Job Management Software

Typical after hours scenario: your restoration company gets a call in the middle of the night, an emergency water loss was just dispatched. While the call was promptly answered by your employee and they were quick to arrive on-site,  the team failed to properly document the loss and left important job information subjected to human memory.

If this scenario was easy to visualize, it probably means that it has happened to you once or twice – if not dozens of times – before. Though it may have worked years ago, trying to track and document jobs the traditional way requires large amounts of brain power, pens, paper forms, printer ink  and filing cabinets.  This method not only causes the occasional headache,

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Adopting New Technology: Tips for a Smooth Transition

23 Nov 2016 / Best Practices Restoration Job Management Software Workflow Management

Adopting technology or introducing technological change into your restoration company presents a set of challenges that can’t be ignored. It’s easy to get excited about all of the ways innovations in technology can streamline productivity and organize information, not to mention save time and money.  However, getting everybody on board can take some time and finesse.

Realize that asking employees to embrace new things can be uncomfortable and scary for them. It’s not uncommon to hear things such as “I’m too old to do that” or “my old way is faster.” You may even deal with employees who flat out refuse to try to implement new things.

Don’t worry, all of these objections can be overcome, it just may require some time

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Data Security: Protecting Your Small Business

17 Nov 2016 / Best Practices restoration management technology

As more and more businesses embrace digital solutions to promote productivity and mobility, data security is a growing concern. News of major data breaches are unfortunately all too common today, and making sure your business has the right protocols and protections in place will help protect your sensitive customer information and valuable business data from being compromised.

Here are five best practices that can help protect your company’s data and keep your customer’s information secure.

1. Protect Against Malware

Malware opens the door to hackers, and installing and using anti-malware solutions on all devices that have access to sensitive information is your first line of defense for protecting your data. Anti-malware software should be installed on all devices that access your company’s data,

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Dedicated Support for a 24/7 Industry

4 Nov 2016 / Best Practices Restoration Job Management Software

As a restoration company, providing unparalleled customer service is a crucial component of restoring your client’s lives after the loss and destruction of their home or business. In order to provide that level of customer service to your customer, the job management software you use should come with an amazing support team. The last thing you or your technicians want to deal with is confusion or technical difficulties when using your job management software platform. So what exactly makes a support team amazing? What should you be looking for in a support team?

Memorable Interactions

The support team you work with should go above and beyond the call of duty. Even the smallest routine customer interaction should be made more remarkable and

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