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Fast is no longer fast enough in restoration

22 Dec 2016 / Workflow Management

Expectations for restoration contractors have been changing for several years, and we are facing a tipping point where fast is no longer fast enough — real-time is all that matters. With most of the major brands implementing real-time technology across North America and beyond, the bar is continuing to rise for all others who have yet to implement a real-time technology and culture.

A real-time culture is one that relies heavily on communication from all areas of the restoration process through automation as well as the recording and sharing of data at the point at which it happens. Just as we consume news from around the globe through Twitter, Facebook, and other services as events happen, so should a real-time restoration

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Tips For Effective Planning And Optimal Growth in 2017

16 Dec 2016 / Best Practices

As a new year approaches,  some business owners and their teams will come together to forecast, strategize and map out their company’s plan for growth. Done properly, this planning can be highly effective in setting the course toward increased sales and stronger returns. However, planning meetings conducted incorrectly will assuredly result in mediocre performance at best. Follow these proven steps to ensure you and your team prioritize sales and marketing efforts for optimal business growth.

First and foremost, it’s critical that proper attention is given to the past in order to forecast for the future. “Pull the data” from prior months and years and take the time to analyze the numbers.  What months are slower and what months typically perform higher?

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