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Leverage Data to Optimize Your Marketing Efforts

20 Jan 2017 / Restoration Business Tips


Effective marketing is the backbone of a successful business. The growth and success of your restoration business depends on how effectively you attract new customers and retain existing customers. And while most business owners are taking advantage of the various marketing channels available today, few have a clear view of which marketing channels are delivering results, and which ones are simply draining the bank. Here are some tips you can use today to start tracking your leads and calculating your return on your investment.

Identify Lead Sources

Before you can begin tracking the success of your marketing efforts, you first need to identify your lead sources and areas where you are currently spending time or money. For restoration businesses, traditional marketing may

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Next Gear Solutions Acquires Luxor CRM – Taking CRM to the Next Level

17 Jan 2017 / Press Releases

Oxford, MS., January 17, 2017- Next Gear Solutions, the developers of DASH, the market-leading restoration management software, has finalized the acquisition of Luxor CRM. This acquisition brings a deluxe CRM into the Next Gear Solutions product suite, allowing us to offer even more key business solutions to the restoration management industry.

“Luxor CRM has had profound impacts on the effectiveness of restoration sales teams working in the referral-driven environment of restoration sales and marketing,” said Garret Gray, CEO of Next Gear Solutions. “I believe combining their talent and technology with Next Gear’s will benefit the entire industry.”

“Joining forces with the largest job management provider will bring more resources to our current customers and allow us to enable the success of many

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5 Investments That Can Pay Off for Your Restoration Business in 2017

12 Jan 2017 / Best Practices Restoration Business Tips

It’s the beginning of a new year, and for many people that means setting resolutions, making goals and expecting change. As a small business owner, you may already have a few ideas of where you’d like to see improvement in your business. Whatever your goals and desired changes, if you expect improvements, you’ll have to invest time and resources to get your intended results. Here are 5 investments that can pay off for your restoration business.

Invest in Productive Employees

If you want to have happy employees and reduce the amount of turnover, invest in business trainings that will encourage employee growth, productivity and creativity. While uniquely motivating each employee can be difficult, getting to know your employees can help you determine

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2017 Social Media Trends for Your Restoration Business

5 Jan 2017 / Restoration Business Tips

While there may be a few major corporations that dominate the social media space with their extensive resources and rooms full of social media experts, the reality for most small restoration business owners is that social media may be a duty of one or two people, and oftentimes it is not their primary job. While in years past it was expected to be on each of the social networking sites to dominate the space with your brand message, new trends are emerging for 2017 that can help you get ahead online.

Here are the top 6 Social Media Trends for 2017:

  1. Focus Your Efforts

While it was the norm and expectation to dominate all social media platforms in the past, 2017 forecasts a

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