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Building Better Relationships with Insurance Agents

27 Jul 2017 / Best Practices


Working in the restoration business requires you to build and maintain many relationships, not only with your customer but with their insurance agents as well. Communication is an essential part of this relationship, and it’s par for the course to oversee the progress of multiple jobs simultaneously that all require open and constant communication on updates and claims with employees, customers, and insurance agents. Below are a few tips for building your relationships with insurance agents by streamlining your processes so everyone wins.

Quick Response

If your restoration company provides 24/7 emergency services, it’s important to be available for your customers, not only in terms of restoration, but when it comes to paperwork. Being able to respond quickly to questions and concerns

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How to Improve Employee Accountability and Increase Profitability

13 Jul 2017 / Best Practices Restoration Job Management

Employee accountability can be a difficult subject to talk about, and several studies have indicated concern from management that their employees are shirking responsibilities and not fulfilling their job duties as assigned. For most companies, this means a lack in productivity, poor project management, and it can lead to poor employee morale as tasks start to fall to other employees.

Restoration companies in particular should be concerned about employee accountability, especially since employees are often working outside the office at a job site and with limited direct supervision. Without accountability employees may be tempted to waste time or take shortcuts, driving up costs and increasing your risk.

There are ways for business owners to encourage employee accountability, which in turn can have

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