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The Essential Guide to Drying Chambers in Water Damage Restoration

When it comes to water damage restoration, it’s unfortunate that one of the best techniques in the industry is also one of the most underused. No matter whether water damage has affected the walls, flooring, or other structural assets, there’s one method that’s powerful and delivers rapid results for drying areas: drying chambers. If you […]

Restoration Industry Expert Shares 2018 Highlights, 2019 Predictions

Conducting annual business reviews is essential to any company, but in the restoration industry, it’s the key to success. When your business thrives on disaster, you need to ensure you’re providing the best service possible, and that you’re learning from each job. Unfortunately, this is a point many companies miss. They stick to “the way […]

5 Reasons DIY Restoration Can Cost More Than It’s Worth

There’s an appealing quality to completing a task yourself. The sense of accomplishment boosts your confidence and feelings of self-worth. But when that project goes wrong, the opposite hits you ten-fold. You grow frustrated. You waste time trying to make it right. But worst of all, you spend more money than you thought you’d save […]

3 Bad Sales Habits Your Restoration Company Needs to Break ASAP

After a long day of sales calls, solving customers’ problems, and supporting the field, it’s not surprising that your sales team adopts some bad habits. It’s not just your restoration business. As a whole, the restoration industry has instilled some bad habits into its salespeople. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t fix them, and it’s […]

How to Maintain Data Integrity in Your Restoration Company

Do you want more sales? Who doesn’t?! Whether you’re a restoration contractor building your business through Third-Party Administrators (TPAs), direct referral business from adjusters, strong agency relationships, or by attacking the commercial market, you need the right tools to drive sales to maximize growth and success. Often overlooked when it comes to selling success is […]

10 Expert Tips for Better Restoration Software Implementation

Studies show that two out of three transformation initiatives fail in organizations. If you asked each of the thousands of change management experts to share their most important tips, you’d get several hundred different answers. The change management tips for success that comeback time after time are the ones you want to use, no matter what […]