Working in the restoration business requires you to build and maintain many relationships, not only with your customer but with their insurance agents as well. Communication is an essential part of this relationship, and it’s par for the course to oversee the progress of multiple jobs simultaneously that all require open and constant communication on updates and claims with employees, customers, and insurance agents. Below are a few tips for building your relationships with insurance agents by streamlining your processes so everyone wins.

Quick Response

If your restoration company provides 24/7 emergency services, it’s important to be available for your customers, not only in terms of restoration, but when it comes to paperwork. Being able to respond quickly to questions and concerns about the damage and claim can help save everyone time and money.

Flexibility & Transparency

It’s important to be flexible and willing to learn and adapt to each job as necessary. You can help reduce the back and forth by understanding the value and the ability to evaluate a loss pre-claim to determine what was lost in the home after a disaster. Additionally, this pre-claim can assist in providing important information for a loss ratio that will satisfy both the client and insurance agency.

Client Representative

As the chosen restoration company for your customer, you are working on the behalf of the client to restore their property. With that said, it’s important to provide quality and professional workmanship on the job. Hiring certified professionals and continuing employee training will ensure the level of workmanship you, your customers and the insurance companies expect. Having respect for your customer’s time by doing the job right the first time will keep your project on track, reducing cost of labor and materials. Additionally, professional quality work will help build your reputation which can help grow your business.

Implement DASH

If you’re finding yourself lost in a sea of paperwork, there is a solution. Next Gear Solutions’ DASH Restoration Management System will help optimize your business strategies and organize all of your company and client data into one location. With access to the cloud, DASH allows your technicians to stay up to date on job performance, increasing project accountability and productivity. When managing an account, all the information including the paperwork, insurance claims, timeline, etc. can all be managed in DASH, all from your wireless device. This not only reduces clutter, but keeps information easily accessible and organized, allowing for simple and transparent communication. From the press of the button, technicians can send claim reports and updates on job progress directly to the homeowner and insurance agent.

Implementing DASH and upholding high quality standards of workmanship, professionalism and communication can help build and establish good business relationships with insurance agents. Insurance agents can provide their customers with a list of recommended contractors, and these recommendations, along with positive word of mouth from your customers, can help you acquire new business, allowing you to grow your sales and continue building positive relationships.