As a restoration company, providing unparalleled customer service is a crucial component of restoring your client’s lives after the loss and destruction of their home or business. In order to provide that level of customer service to your customer, the job management software you use should come with an amazing support team. The last thing you or your technicians want to deal with is confusion or technical difficulties when using your job management software platform. So what exactly makes a support team amazing? What should you be looking for in a support team?

Memorable Interactions

The support team you work with should go above and beyond the call of duty. Even the smallest routine customer interaction should be made more remarkable and memorable. They understand that they are the voice of their company. They are enthusiastic and remain calm and organized under pressure. Going the extra mile is something they do with every single interaction, with every single customer. A great support team should understand that the service they provide is as equally important as the product they sale.

Making It Easier

The support team should understand that your time is valuable. When you or your technicians send in a query, the clock is ticking and your time is precious. A great support team recognizes that being efficient doesn’t mean sacrificing quality. A great support team provides value, guidance, and has an understanding of the wider context of their customer’s issue. They proactively assist and remove any obstacles that their customers are facing. A great support team makes sure that their customer’s issues have been resolved to their satisfaction before ending the interaction. They understand that providing great support is the key to your growth and success.

Knows the Ins and Outs

The support team should be adequately trained and should have a full, in-depth understanding of the software platforms their company offers. When your technician is out on a job and needs to call our support team, they should be able to answer his or her questions with ease. Being put on hold because the individual on the other end doesn’t know the basic setup of your job management software is not only frustrating, but can waste precious time your technician doesn’t have to spare.

Around-the-Clock Support

Most management software companies provide some type of technical support. The real question is what the quality and availability of that support is. Using a job management software that only provides support from 9 to 5 just isn’t going to cut it, especially for those working in the restoration industry. Restoration companies don’t have standard work hours and more often than not will have to contact their software support team at odd hours of the night or on the weekends to get answers or resolve issues. When you are in need of training or support from our management software team you need them to be available 24/7. You can’t afford to wait for 12 to 48 hours for a response.

Of course, it’s not always technical support that you may need. A great support team should also be available to assist and guide you when it comes to system setup, software maintenance, and employee training. At Next Gear Solutions we don’t limit our support to standard business hours. Our clients work around the clock and so do we. We believe it is crucial to have a dedicated and passionate support team that not only provides top-notch support, but helps our clients grow and achieve success in the restoration industry.