When a disaster strikes, Restoration Contractors need to be ready. While others run from disaster zones, Restoration Contractors run toward the devastation. Being prepared for a disaster separates the Contractors who are able to profit from the event and those who won’t.

Here are some ideas Restoration Contractors can use to maximize their ability to work during a CAT event:

Be Prepared

During CAT events, as well as everyday volume, restoration management software will help contractors operate at their peak performance potential. However, it is important to understand the tools and make sure all operating processes are streamlined before utilizing software. Don’t use job management software for the first time during a CAT, but start off using these tools on every day work. Make sure to use this software all the time so you are ready when a CAT hits.

Be Consistent

While it may seem easier in a high volume CAT to throw out your normal processes and return to the “Wild, Wild West,” I assure you that is a big mistake. Design your processes to be consistent. They should work during normal volume and high volume days. Don’t revert back to a paper-based operating system just because the number of job increases dramatically. Stick with your restoration management software and use it to better manage the event.

Be Knowledgeable

Knowing is half the battle. Make sure all of the tools your restoration management software provides is clearly understood and implemented. Good restoration management software will provide all of the following tools to help maximize a CAT event:

-Referral Ranking
-Job Prioritization
-Dispatch Scheduling
-CAT Work Flow Management
-Mobile Job Management
-Mobile Document Signature
-Real-Time Equipment Tracking
-Customer Portal
-Mobile Photo Upload
-Voice Recognition for Note Taking
-GPS Directions to the Job Site

At Next Gear Solutions, we specialize in helping Restoration Contractors respond to CAT Events more efficiently and effectively. We understand Restoration Contractors need to be able to help as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time while doing the required documentation. Let us show you how DASH, the ultimate restoration management software, can provide a better way to run a CAT.