Let’s talk about a task that usually ranks as one of everyone’s least favorite parts of a restoration job – any job, for that matter — sometimes even worse than dealing with a sewage back-up or mold. The seeming enemy of progress: the documentation of a job. Let’s face it – it’s a pain for all of us.

No one likes to do it – especially while wearing a lovely Tyvek suit or crawling in a crawlspace. Like it or not, it is one of the most critical aspects of a job, as most any restoration contractor can tell you a horror story about a time they lost a court case or wrote a check to pay for something which wasn’t really their fault or doing, but they didn’t have the pictures and notes to back up their side of the story.

I have heard countless horror stories about pre-existing conditions costing businesses, whether it be little things like pre-existing over-painted surfaces causing them to have to buy new fixtures to “high value leather/fur coats” which were anything but. It seems every restoration vendor I know has purchased a piece of furniture for a customer.

Proper documentation saves money, and software like DASH helps you maintain that documentation easily. Documentation helps you defend yourself, and sometimes it can help others involved in the job, too. It can also help the relationship between the restorer and the customer, as it shows a higher level of detail and professionalism, and inspiring confidence is never a bad thing.

There’s a common saying in the restoration industry: “If it’s worth a note, it’s worth a picture.” With this in mind, the team at Next Gear is always working to make this critical function as painless as possible for you and your team. It’s why we try to make note capture as easy as possible. It’s why we offer unlimited storage space for your job images. It’s why we at Next Gear encourage folks to record their notes in DASH, because people will often provide much better documentation when speaking notes and not having to fiddle around typing. We know the restoration industry, and we know where you need the most help.

Use DASH mobile, and use the job management software meant to make documenting your way to success less painful. Never have to live with the expense and pain derived from not noting something on a job which came back to bite your profits.