With all of the different forums for social media today it can be hard to focus on your group of clients and get the most out of your message. Social media sites offer a free way of communicating with large groups of people, but what good does all that communicating really do when you get no feedback? Let us not forget the original source of social media—word of mouth.

People often want to talk to other people about their experiences with companies, both good and bad. According to a recent Nielsen poll, word of mouth is the most trusted source of information, so it’s vital that you get out there and get people talking about your restoration company. When setting up your marketing campaigns, don’t forget to track how many people heard about you through a friend or at their weekly bingo game or other local events so you know what the word on the street about your company is and how far it’s taking you. Using software like DASH that helps your marketing team track ROI and set up action items to remind them to reach out to important business and community contacts on a regular basis. This helps to put your name on the forefront of thoughts.

A study done by Keller Fay determined that about 10% of conversations about products and services happen online and the other 90% happens by word of mouth. While online and offline marketing are two different strategy streams, let’s remember that one does influence the other. No matter what people say, water cooler talk is not dead and is still a great asset to your company!