3 Ways That Software Mobility Supports Efficiency

Due to work responsibilities, I occasionally have the opportunity to travel with the ClientRunner team. This is most often for tradeshow participation, training sessions with customers, or for other needs the company has. This past week I found myself away from the office for an extended period of time, and while there could have been a direct impact on my usual day to day workflow it hardly felt like a change of pace – everything I needed was easily accessible at my fingertips!
The following are 3 ways that software mobility supports efficiency, and just how important that aspect of a job management platform is for any service company.

1. Carry All Job Information in Your Pocket

It simply doesn’t make sense today to carry stacks of manilla folders from job to job in attempt to keep information organized. Nor does it make sense to confine your job information to the limitations of a filing cabinet in your office. Software mobility is powerful, allowing you to carry every detail of every job with you at all times. Instead of thumbing through folders or making repeated phone calls to the office to locate or verify a critical piece of job information, simply search a job file within your management software to access exponentially more data than ever possible before, all in a matter of seconds.
It’s critical that you stay organized. With mobile job management software, your office effortlessly follows you around and you become more independent.

2. Constant Communication Has Never Been Easier

When you are on the go, there is often perceived downtime due to the nature of travel. Having job management software that is just as mobile as you are helps to cut down on downtime, making you much more efficient and competitive. Organizing your team and responding to customers can now be achieved quickly, with very little effort. From sending job communications, scheduling reminders, communicating job schedules, speaking into your device to record a job note on the fly – it can all be done quickly and effortlessly, no matter where the road takes you!
Both you and your customers deserve to be in the know, and with job management software, like ClientRunner, that fully embraces mobility you can have it all without skipping a beat.

3. Web Access or App – The Choice is Yours!

software mobilityAccording to the Statista website, App downloads and usage have increased by over 350% over the past 5 years, and is projected on a steep incline into the foreseeable future. Whether you prefer to utilize the full power of a job management website while in the office or prefer the flexibility and mobility of an App while on the move, a solid job management software system is bound to help increase your efficiency and productivity with all your professional efforts.
For years, ClientRunner Software has been dedicated to providing the most advanced job management software to service contractors. If you are looking for a more efficient workflow to manage your job information on the go, better communication, and even a more streamlined experience through the convenience of an App, there’s no better solution than ClientRunner. We understand the contractor workflow and know how to help you more successful. Find out more today by visiting www.ClientRunner.com.