4 Things Expected of a Restoration Management Company

[title size=”1″ content_align=”left” style_type=”default” sep_color=”” class=”” id=””]The 4 Things a Homeowner Wants to See in a Restoration Management Company[/title][fusion_text]Every now and again we like to sit back and think about our customer’s customer. As a restoration management software company, we understand that there are many people to help in this industry. After all, many of us have also been a customer in a similar situation. The truth is, it’s all about perspective.
We’ve put ourselves in the shoes of a homeowner and have combed the Internet in order to find the top blogs, tips, forums and posts on the topic “how to choose a restoration contractor.” The following are the 4 most important factors that influence homeowners—your potential customers—when they select a restoration management company.
A Homeowner Should Get References from the Contractor (mentioned in 97% of posts)
When researching a potential restoration contractor, homeowners often ask for references. More today than ever before, consumers rely on the opinion of a family member, a friend, or even online reviews prior to making a purchase commitment.
ClientRunner offers a Marketing CRM to restoration contractors; built by contractors for the restoration industry, you are sure to have the tools that you need to not only manage your current work, but gain even more. By tracking your raving customers within a Marketing CRM, you can easily provide referral information when a potential customers submits a request.
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A Homeowner Should Know the Contractor’s Communication Plan (mentioned in 93% of posts)
The next most common recommendation for homeowners is to know how well the restoration management company’s plans to communication job progress and other pertinent information. Homeowners want to be in the loop with the repair efforts. After all, it is their property!
ClientRunner has a powerful Job Portal that allows the contractor to provide guest access into job progress. Allow the homeowner to view your company contact information, job schedule, job notes, job pictures, and more in real time.
A Homeowner Is Very Price Conscious (mentioned in 89% of posts)
Homeowners are typically very price conscious and want to know what they will be spending. A contractor undoubtedly works with customers from many walks of life, but even a wealthy customer wants to be sure they are familiar with the cost breakdown and that they are getting a good deal. Contractors are sensitive to price too! If margins slip, it directly affects the bottom line.
ClientRunner is integrated with Xactimate. This makes it easy for the contractor to sync Xactimate estimates directly to a powerful job costing toolkit. With a close eye on the estimated line items from Xactimate, the restoration management company can work within expected margins per trade item to build out budgets. Also, they work within budgets with our daily job costing system to ensure that margins are met or exceeded. In the end this results in a more organized and dependable bottom line.
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A Homeowner Wants to Understand the Payment Process (mentioned in 75% of posts)
Homeowners want to know the contractor’s payment process. How is the deductible paid? When does the insurance company write the check? Will I have any payment out of pocket? There are so many questions that may come up during the payment process. Not only does the contractor need to know how to answer them, they also need a solid system to track the payment process.
ClientRunner provides a robust Financial Module that helps the contractor build out Estimates and Work Orders, Invoice jobs, manage Payments, send appropriate information to the customer, and more so that the customer is always in the know, and ultimately has a positive experience. ClientRunner is also integrated with QuickBooks. This allows the entire process to be a seamless, automated data transfer from one system into the other. Through an integrated Financial Module, you have the confidence of providing your customer the most advanced security they could hope for in the payment process.
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There are many other ways that ClientRunner assists the contractor in every facet of the mitigation and/or repair efforts. To learn more, visit www.ClientRunner.com.[/fusion_text]