Advantages of Restoration Management Software Adoption

The cleaning and restoration industry in many ways can be very complex, yet remains sophisticated. When it comes to technology advancements in the industry, such as with restoration management software, there are the innovators and early adopters just like in any other industry; many contractors are tech savvy and have kept up with technology advancements, willingly implementing new strategies into their company workflow to improve overall efficiency. But what we tend to see is a higher trend of late majority and laggards in the industry, with slower implementation of technology into the company workflow. The concern is that these companies become less productive over time and tend to fall further and further behind the curve.

Undoubtedly, all employees today within a restoration company have a smartphone in their pocket or a tablet at their fingertips and are very comfortable with using such devices for a variety of personal- or business-related needs. Used to check the latest news headlines, the local weather forecast, recent email messages, a text message from a friend or loved one, to contact a property owner about a slight project delay, or for thousands of other purposes, all employees are familiar with the benefit of using technology today – if you haven’t already, it’s time to analyze your current situation and further discuss how to leverage technology for your company and customer benefit.

Innovation Adoption Life Cycle

The Innovation Adoption Life Cycle charts out the statistic historical adoption percentage of innovation; it’s a statistical trend that is seen in industries everywhere related to innovation. For example, it’s no surprise to see a long line of eager customers outside an Apple Store several hours before the doors open on the day of a new iPhone launch. Innovation-Adoption-LifecycleThese are typically “Early Adopters”, part of the 13.5% of consumers that absolutely love innovation advancements and must have their hands on the new technology as soon as humanly possible! The larger population is typically an “Early Majority” or a “Late Majority”, jumping on the bandwagon shortly after the early adopters. Last, there are the “Laggards”, or those that are most resistant to innovation adoption.

Restoration Management Software is a relatively new concept for many cleaning and restoration contractors. Software solutions have been gaining traction within the last decade or so with the intention to provide contractors with a more streamlined workflow and improved efficiency. Interestingly enough, the restoration industry tends to shift the bell curve further to the right on the Innovation Adoption Life Cycle chart, as a much higher percentage of contractors are Late Majority or Laggards, meaning they haven’t fully embraced technology into their daily workflow. Many contractors today continue to share job details within a filing cabinet system, organize scheduling and dispatching within an office whiteboard, or by other traditional means; while these systems can help business to be organized an efficient, there are much better ways to stimulate communication and general awareness of job progress today through technology. Most Early Adopters within the industry are advocates of the efficiency and growth they have experienced by fully embracing technology and other innovation in the industry, such as restoration management software to help manage all aspects of business workflow.

Restoration Management Software Growth

ClientRunner provides the most elegant restoration management software in the industry for cleaning and restoration contractors. With a powerfully simple workflow approach, implementation across an entire organization is possible in hours rather than days or weeks. ClientRunner adopters have been steadily growing over the years as more and more come to understand the enhanced efficiency that such software brings to a business in the short- and long-term, such as improved communication, a single, organized system for capturing and reviewing all job information, advanced scheduling and dispatching, business intelligence, much improved financial bottom lines, and much more!

For more information on how ClientRunner’s Restoration Management Software helps contractors build more efficient systems, or for your company to become an adopter, visit our website today.

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