Before & After: Water Restoration Software Changes Business

John is the owner of XYZ Restoration, a company that offers disaster restoration and water mitigation services for commercial and residential customers. He has faced some very distinct challenges as his company has grown over the years, but is optimistic about the future of his company. He recently made some drastic changes for the better by implementing water restoration software into his everyday workflow, and his entire company immediately found relief from varying challenges they faced on a daily basis.


BEFORE: Mondays seemed to always start in a frenzy! With phone calls flooding the office, Shauna, the primary office admin at XYZ Restoration, was up to her neck in sticky notes, managing an ever-increasing stack of paper job files, and trying to direct employees to the appropriate truck and job all at the same time – all this before her morning coffee! It wasn’t unusual to hear that someone misplaced a job file; she would spend hours tracking down missing information, contacting customers to verify an address or ask for some other information that she was sure was included in the job file the day before. While she considered herself a very organized individual, she wished there were a better way to keep track of all the little details without spending more time in front of an overflowing filing cabinet than with her own children.

AFTER: The transition to the new water restoration software system, like ClientRunner, was smoother than Shauna ever could have imagined. She was ecstatic that she now had a simple interface to more quickly enter and store job information without losing details in the daily shuffle. She is able to better manage job progress at a glance, document all necessary job notes, reference job documents and images, and so much more! She has everything necessary to manage the job workflow in one single place, which makes her work effortlessly organized and more simple than ever before. The only challenge left is to determine what office décor will fill the now empty space of that old, gaudy gray filing cabinet…


Jared never planned to work a desk job. As a project manager with XYZ Restoration, he was happiest in the field with his crew getting his hands dirty. The biggest frustration with his job over the years had been trying to manage schedules for multiple members of his team – schedules that tended to provide limited accessibility or frequently change. He had tried it all – an office community whiteboard schedule, spreadsheets systems, Google Calendar and more, but nothing had quite fit his needs.

Water Restoration SoftwareAFTER: At first, the water restoration software schedule seemed similar to other online Calendar systems he’d used in the past. But this provided even more than anything he’d seen before! It didn’t take long for Jared to realize how much easier his job would become through integrated scheduling and dispatching systems within the software. Not only was it easier than ever to access the ever-changing schedules from his smartphone, but he also received new job and task alerts, had a solution that integrated directly into his preferred smartphone calendar, and received task reminders to keep him more organized. Today, his team runs more smoothly than he could have dreamed, with each technician viewing their own schedule in real time from their own device. Things were really starting to look up.


BEFORE: Building relationships had always come easy to Brooke, but remembering the details had been a constant struggle. She forgot the birthdays of even her closest friends and relatives! Working at XYZ Restoration in the Marketing department had been a dream come true, but managing a contact list of over 1,200 adjusters, agents, firemen, city officials, property managers, and much more was an ever-increasing and daunting task. She had always wondered if there were a system where she could enter the fine details of each individual on her route and a way to track her marketing spend, ROI and effectiveness more closely. Ultimately, she just wanted to know that all her efforts were not going to waste.

AFTER: Within days of importing Brooke’s contact list into the new water restoration software, she felt on top of the world! She had every contact organized by contact type, knew how to set up special reminders for events, could simply manage all her marketing activities, as well as run reports on the effectiveness of her marketing efforts. Never before had the insights and success between the marketing and sales efforts been so clear, and she quickly made a realistic goal to double the company’s sales before the end of the year – all by the assistance of a powerful marketing CRM designed to build better relationships, organize marketing campaigns, and implement successful marketing strategies.

While John and his team may be fictional characters in a fictional restoration company, the results they experienced are based on real experiences contractors have with a very similar workflow conversion. Contractors all over the world are turning to software, like ClientRunner, to make their teams more efficient, and there’s no better way to make a meaningful impact to your bottom line and improve your company from the ground up.

ClientRunner Software is a powerful water restoration tool designed to provide contractors with everything they need to make their departments more lean and successful. It’s been proven time and time again with contractors across the world. Find out more about how ClientRunner can bridge the gaps of your current workflow, whatever that workflow may be! See what ClientRunner can do for you today.

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