Celebrating Earth Day – Make a Difference

Earth Day is about restoration and renewal – to change and improve our surroundings in order to help, who then often pass that lesson on in a reciprocal effect. This day of positivity started back in the 1970’s after a major oil spill devastated the community of Santa Barbara, California. This tragic event sparked an organized national focus on educating the world about the environment, which led to a national day of environment recognition! Fast forward to 2016 – there are hundreds of people, organizations, groups, and communities that come together on Earth Day to clean up and restore their neighborhoods to help their home, making this environmental focus a huge success. The movement gave a voice to an emerging consciousness to helping the Earth and in turn all those living on it.

earth dayAt ClientRunner Software, we regularly make attempts to make a positive environmental impact on our planet by taking small steps to improve our community – our hometown, our country, and our world. One way that we have done so is through our partnership with Voonami, a leading provider of outsourced IT Infrastructure and Data Center Solutions and a strong voice in our community for green initiatives. In 2010, Voonami announced their new Salt Lake Data Center, known as one of the greenest data centers in the Western United States!

“We designed this Data Center to be energy efficient with a sophisticated cooling plant to deliver low cost power and cooling to our customers and to support our high performance computing infrastructure,” stated Ralph Yarro, Chairman and CEO of Voonami. By partnering with such an efficient resource, ClientRunner also takes part in conserving energy consumption, and ultimately passes those saving on to customers! It truly pays to eco-friendly.

Celebrating our environment and giving back are all things we can do better in our lives. Here are some simple ways to celebrate Earth Day today (and every day):

  • Grow your own food (or buy locally-grown produce)
  • Go paperless, or start a recycling program at your home or office
  • Plant a tree and give yourself a breath of fresh air
  • Stop drinking bottled water – over 60 million plastic water bottles are thrown out daily
  • Start carpooling (or take up cycling)
  • Invest in a solar-powered phone charger or other green, renewable energy source

earth day

ClientRunner Software wants to make a difference, and we feel that we’ve made some great progress already! While such suggestions for improving our world may seem like a very small thing, they all add up to make a larger positive impact. Our challenge to you this Earth Day is to make a difference; find one small way you can change your life to help improve our environment, and take note of the effects that it truly makes.

Written by: Devin Jones, ClientRunner Software