Scott Severe, CEO of ClientRunner Software, Inc.

Interviewed by Brady Hoggard


It’s great to be here with you today, Scott. To start, what exactly is a workflow management Software?

Workflow management software is a package that not only includes a job management piece, but incorporates a marketing CRM and analytics tools as well. All are vital for healthy growth within a company, and ClientRunner has pulled them together like no other software to date.

Why Marketing?

Simple, our customers want it and that segment of our industry has been grossly underserved. When you have plenty of jobs you don’t think about marketing, but good business development must be an ongoing endeavor with automated processes that streamline communication, simplify management and leverage transparent accountability.

Most Marketing/CRM packages are expensive and complex, but are really good at contact management and sales pipelines. Pipeline management is great for selling a commodity in a “hunting” mode but does not hit the mark for relationship marketing.

ClientRunner simply provided what our customers and the market have been begging us to build for years: a true Marketing/CRM product that is built specifically for the unique demands of the insurance repair industry. It is the best product on the market today and we did it without raising our subscription price one penny!

What other industry needs are you hearing?

Mobile technology is on everyone’s mind, and rightfully so. In 2012, Apple alone sold around 140 million iPhones and over 58 million iPads! The interesting thing is that the tablet has crossed all boundaries: large companies, small operations, old, young-you name it. The world and your customer demand that you be accessible 24/7 and be able to get more done with fewer resources. Mobile technology is a critical piece of the answer and ClientRunner is leading the way for mobile integration.

The industry is also begging for integration between software and technology tools. Some tools are not offered as a choice but are required to be used. There is a growing frustration in our industry that work product and data are locked down and held hostage in the silos of the myriad of programs and tools being used by today’s restoration contractor. ClientRunner integrates with many powerful tools already to various degrees allowed, and is looking at other sensible integrations – even with our competitors in some cases!

What should our readers look out for in searching for Workflow Software package?

Trust your instincts when you see red flags. For example, some packages require large up-front fees. These can be disguised as set up, training, activation, etc. Some of this may be legitimate, but often it is a way of shifting risk to the customer in an unfair way.

ImageAnother thing to avoid is a long-term contract. Technology and software changes and improves at breathtaking speed and your contracts should allow you to be nimble as you navigate the options. ClientRunner is offered as a month-to-month subscription that you can continue or leave at your discretion. This allows our customers to vote with their wallets and keeps us highly motivated to continually innovate and to be passionate in providing excellent customer service.


You seem to enjoy offering low prices!

Absolutely! ClientRunner has been a key factor in driving software pricing down and increasing the value added for the restoration industry this past 5 years, and we are just getting started.

Our Marketing/CRM is an excellent example. Our research indicated we could charge up to $150 extra as a module and as much as $300 as a stand along product. Our customer feedback and years in the industry told us that the restoration contractor is getting squeezed from every direction and really does not have the capacity to continue adding costs to the bottom line. We saw an opportunity to provide a critical piece of the puzzle in Marketing/CRM. We decided to provide true Marketing/CRM at no additional cost. They told us we were crazy, and maybe they are right in some ways. But we made it happen and the entire industry is buzzing about it!

Well, I appreciate your time very much! Where can readers find more information about your software?

Thank you for this opportunity! Readers can visit our website at, or give us a call directly at 888-786-9001. You can also view our ad in the March/April 2013 issue of Restoration & Remediation Magazine. We offer free demos and 30-day free trials so that potential customers can see if the software fits their office workflow.