CoreLogic Restoration DASH™: The Key to Scaling Your Restoration Business

Restoration contracting businesses have many opportunities in today’s environment. With the increased frequency and severity in natural disasters everywhere, there are more restoration jobs to pursue.

Scaling your restoration business in today’s environment takes more than getting professionals to more job sites, though: property restoration firms must know they can complete jobs successfully before committing to more work.

CoreLogic® Restoration DASH™—job management software designed specifically for the property restoration industry—has all the features and functionalities to enable restoration firms to successfully scale. With DASH™, property restoration firms can take on more work knowing that they have the resources for end-to-end success. Leveraging of this software will result in more jobs, compliance assistance, and effective asset management procedures.

What is CoreLogic Restoration DASH?

CoreLogic Restoration DASH is a web and mobile job management platform that empowers businesses to improve efficiency and scalability. Through DASH, users have one centralized digital location for storing and managing critical job information—including customer information, job costs, and revenue generated. Users can customize automated workflows through DASH, too. DASH also comes with reports and dashboards that provide insights into the business, as well as a job calendar that provides users visibility into all project work and employee availability.

Here’s what you can do with CoreLogic Restoration DASH to grow and thrive in today’s environment:

Use DASH to take advantage of more job opportunities

By implementing DASH, you can take full advantage of all the restoration job opportunities that come your way. You don’t have to staff up to be able to take on more jobs, either. DASH saves restoration contractors significant time to allow completion of more jobs in less time.

DASH also has mobile capabilities, so field technicians can perform all their documentation tasks directly in the field while on a jobsite. They can take notes and attach pictures directly to a DASH job page on their mobile devices, taking away the need to type out notes into a spreadsheet or to upload photos into virtual folders after being onsite. There is also a talk-to-text option that eliminates the hand taking of notes altogether.

DASH also eliminates all the time-consuming hassles of paperwork. With all notes and documentation—including work authorizations, certificates of satisfaction, invoices, and more—stored securely and conveniently in the DASH system, there is no need to print, scan, or search tirelessly for information.

Automated workflows prompt users to complete necessary tasks for each job in a timely fashion, holding them accountable to finish every task with a scoring system. The more organized and on task field technicians are, the more jobs they will be able to complete.

Routinely meet compliance requirements

In order to get compensated for work, restoration contractors must adhere to requirements set by service-level agreements with third-party administrators and insurance companies. So, to be successful in all the jobs you take on, you must be consistently successful in meeting compliance requirements.

With its customizable compliance task manager, DASH keeps all onsite professionals in line with expectations. Workflows can be built to include the full spectrum of compliance tasks.

Through DASH’s reporting system, managers can also easily identify which employees regularly meet and do not meet compliance requirements. This way, managers can consistently send technicians onsite who follow the compliance task manager and provide compliance assistance and education to those employees who do not.

Establish the most effective asset management processes

One of the biggest investments a restoration contractor makes is in its equipment.

With CoreLogic Restoration DASH’s built-in equipment manager, you can easily track and control every piece of your company’s equipment. The equipment manager provides a centralized solution for managing your entire inventory, providing details on where each machine is, how long it’s committed to a specific project, and when it will be available for the next job.

Onsite technicians use their smartphones to scan a unique barcode on each piece of equipment as it enters or leaves a job site. With each scan, a time-stamped note is placed in the record, indicating the action that was just completed on that piece of equipment, along with the technician’s name that it is onsite with.
DASH also prevents users from closing out a job until all company equipment has been noted as removed from a job site and returned to its designated storage location.

Scale Your Restoration Contracting Business with DASH

Today’s environment presents opportunities for property restoration firms. To take advantage of them, though, a company needs technology that allows them to guarantee they can be successful through each additional job they take on. DASH also assists restoration contracting companies with compliance requirements and the establishment of effective profit-enhancing asset management processes.

Going paperless with DASH also brings a number of other benefits to users, as well. Click here to learn about everything you can do with DASH.

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