The CoreLogic® solution, CoreLogic Restoration | Engage™ (previously known as ProAssist®) is now integrated within CoreLogic Restoration | Mitigate™ (previously known as MICA™) – our platform for water mitigation professionals that streamlines, standardizes, and simplifies the loss documentation process.

Mitigate™ optimizes the documentation process for water mitigation projects by providing users with a robust set of drying rules derived from the ANSI/IICRC S500. Mitigate also offers tools for collecting photos, videos, and drying data to support the water mitigation process.

Engage™ will add the power of collaboration to Mitigate – a tool that professional restorers have used for years to guide decision-making processes on drying projects both large and small. With Engage in Mitigate, restorers have a built-in mechanism for giving homeowners a view into their daily restoration processes so they can feel involved in the efforts to restore their property.


Engage is a mobile portal that provides a centralized avenue for real-time communication between professionals in the office, technicians in the field, and homeowners. Through Engage, homeowners, subcontractors, and contractors can upload photos and updates that help paint a comprehensive picture of the project at hand. Engage allows for private messaging and provides information about the technician to homeowners so they know exactly who to expect and when to expect the professional at their doorsteps.

Engage also facilitates shorter project lifecycles by providing a secure online portal for virtually signed work authorizations – so that workers can execute every step of a project immediately, without having to wait for someone in front of them to sign on a dotted line.

What Engage’s Addition Means for Mitigation

Up until now, Engage was limited to CoreLogic Restoration | Workspace™ (formerly known as DASH™), where it has long been a powerful tool for all parties involved in property restoration jobs. Now, the CoreLogic team has isolated Engage so that it can be used within Mitigate for water mitigation projects – some of the most time-sensitive restoration jobs.

For example, it is often in the middle of the night – outside of business hours – that a water loss event occurs within a home. A pipe can also burst completely unexpectedly when homeowners are out of town.


Regardless of the water damage scenario, an application like Engage can instantly make homeowners both aware of, and more comfortable with, who will be knocking on their door to inspect the damage and begin the days-long process of drying their property. In the scenario that a homeowner is out of town, the virtual work authorization feature allows for the instant communication and permissions that are legally required for technicians to get started with mitigation efforts right away.

With Engage in Mitigate, people now have powerful communication tools for projects that can benefit from it the most. Now that Engage is its own solution and feature independent of DASH, the possibilities for collaboration are endless. In the future, product teams have plans to integrate Engage into even more solution sets.

In the meantime, if you are a Mitigate user and have questions about using Engage in the platform, contact us today.

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