I had never before been exposed to the cleaning and restoration industry, and I was completely amazed at how complex and detailed restoration work actually is. From insurance adjusters to homeowners to employees to subcontractors and everything in between, a restoration contractor has to juggle it all in order to run a successful business. I’ve known that contractors like to get their hands dirty, but this is serious work!

“Not only does it save you time, but Clientrunner improves your organization, ultimately saving saving the company an incredible amount of money.”

Today, I had the opportunity to take a tour with a major restoration company in Utah to better understand their daily workflow. They have been in business for twenty years now, serving the Utah and Salt Lake County areas with dedication and poise. Nine years ago they adopted Clientrunner, resulting in a complete transformation of their business.

“Contractors are visual people,” says Jerry, President of Complete Restoration. “We want and need it all in front of us. That’s why we use whiteboards. Clientrunner is basically a giant, electronic community whiteboard. It is perfect as everything is right in front of me.”

Jerry helped shape ClientRunner in the early days, and continues to help impact the direction of ClientRunner. He was hands-on during the process because he wanted software made by contractors, for contractors.

ID-10060357“You have to understand how restoration contractors think to build industry-specific software. ClientRunner has stayed true to their roots; users frequently comment that they can tell it was designed by contractors for the industry.”

Through a tour of the facility I was pleased to see how well the company was organized. Everything was accounted for: air movers, carpet cleaners, hoses and everything else was neatly put in its place.

“The last thing you want is losing one of these,” Jerry said with an air of seriousness, pointing at an air mover. “These babies are expensive. Clientrunner helps us keep track of all of our equipment too. Not only does it save you time, but Clientrunner improves your organization, ultimately saving saving the company an incredible amount of money.”

After the small tour of the building I was able to chat with Jerry a little more. He explained to me how important ClientRunner is to his restoration business. Being a contractor is a complex job and anything to simplify his life is a must. Other software systems he used prior to ClientRunner were too complicated or expensive – they just didn’t cut it.

Clientrunner is key to transforming your establishment into an organized, efficient and money-making business. ClientRunner offers the bells and whistles as the best of them while keeping it simple and clean. ClientRunner truly is powerfully simple restoration management software made by contractors, for contractors.

(Image courtesy of think4photop at FreeDigitalPhotos.net)