Honesty & Integrity: Unethical Conduct Destroys More than Business

ClientRunner Software recently released an article with R&R Magazine titled Honesty & Integrity: Unethical Conduct Destroys More than Business. At ClientRunner, we have always held the highest standards of honesty and integrity in all our business practices and relationships. We strive every day to devote our time and attention to those who help make our company great – our customers and employees.
corporate-thief - R&R MagazineThere are many daunting challenges that contractors face in the world today, but dishonesty and shortcuts should not be one of them. Dale Sharp, President of Sharp, Robbins & Popwell shares some intriguing insight into the importance of honesty and integrity in business today.
“The construction industry is filled with contractors and tradesmen who overpromise and under deliver, and we make a point to not be that company,” says Sharp. “We want every customer and business associate we work with to be fully satisfied with every aspect of our service. Fulfilling promises and commitments is rarely convenient or easy, but doing the right thing is simply the right thing to do.”

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Read more about honesty and integrity in ClientRunner’s article on R&R Magazine’s website, and find out the positive impact Sharp, Robbins & Popwell have received from their dedication to upholding their standards.
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Image by Romariolen via R&R Magazine.