How to Avoid a Job Management Disaster with Sofware

The restoration industry can be rather complicated. Unlike other general contractors, restoration contractors typically work directly with insurance adjusters to set expectations, manage efforts and receive payments on a job. The challenge of the work environment, insurance requirements and payment processes tends to multiply the level of complexity. It’s critical for restoration contractors to stay on time, on budget and on top of the workflow, and Job Management Software is one of the best ways to manage the entire process from start to finish.

ClientRunner Software has many out-of-the-box features to help make your workflow run smoothly, all of which are included at no additional monthly cost:

CRM (Customer Relationship Manager)
This feature is a standard management system for a business in any industry and helps to keep track of contacts, contact information, and helps to more efficiently manage marketing activities and campaigns. Job Management SoftwareNo more lost phone numbers or scrambling to locate a misplaced business card. Keep your entire world of marketing in a single, ever-accessible location – all more organized than ever before!

Save valuable time and money by automated as many processes as possible. One fantastic point of automation is with your standard job forms. Not only do you save the time and efforts of typing out routine data for every job, but you can completely customize the look and feel of your office forms in a professional template to better fit your business model. You can automatically pull from several dozen fields from your ClientRunner account, all with the intention of maximizing your efficiency and saving you time. Automated job forms are carpal tunnel’s best friend.

Whether a new job is created, a job note needs to be broadcast to your team, a new calendar appointment is created or someone should be dispatched to a job, emails can be automatically made and sent through ClientRunner for constant and effortless communication. Not only do you keep your team on top of every situation, but through a state-of-the-art job portal you customer, adjusters and carrier contacts can be fully updated and informed as each job milestone passes.

Today, Xactware is a household name for restoration contractors. Most contractors dealing with insurance repair contractors will use Xactware products – XactAnalysis and Xactimate – on a daily basis. It’s critical that in order to avoid a double-entry management nightmare, an integration be established with other management software, saving time and data integrity. ClientRunner Software worked directly with the Xactware team in building out software integrations between XactAnalysis, Xactimate and approved job management systems (ClientRunner). This type of integration is intended to push and pull data from one system to the other so that users aren’t spending countless hours doing the work that an integrated system can do in a matter of seconds. The XactAnalysis integration allows for automatic job transfer from one system to the other, along with job details. The Xactimate integration makes the estimating process more seamless by transferring all line item details from Xactimate to ClientRunner’s budget view, ready for your daily job costing for projects. If you use Xactware in your business, you cannot afford not to integrate with ClientRunner!

Daily use of these select features (and many more powerful toolsets within ClientRunner Software) will help any restoration contractor to stay on time, on budget, and on top of their workflow. Keeping organized as a contractor can be difficult enough; ClientRunner’s powerful job management system is designed with the contractor’s workflow in mind with the intention to make you more efficient.

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