How to Avoid Internal Disasters with Restoration Management Software

You wake up at 2:00am to a familiar unpleasant scent. As you open your eyes, they sting under exposure to the dense smoke cover and you strain to see through the haze. You quickly rush out of the bedroom to locate the source of the smoke, with the fear of your family’s safety on your mind. Scenarios of such disaster situations are all too frequent today, and it’s critical to be prepared. Whether it’s a fire, a flood, large scale natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes, or otherwise, it’s impossible to know when a disaster will strike – having an emergency plan makes all the difference in the outcome.

Restoration contractors know first hand the devastating effects that such damage wreaks upon a place of residence or business, but oddly enough many of those same contractors don’t have an emergency disaster plan for their own business. If a fire were to rip through your office or a flood were to submerge your workstation, would you have the ability to pick up the pieces and immediately get back to work?

Traditional means of storing important client files and information is in transition today, primarily for the security and convenience of the modern business owner. contractors are no longer utilyzing filing cabinets or office servers to store important client information, but are moving in droves to cloud storage solutions, such as restoration management software solutions. Such online storage solutions are very secure, often with triple redundant backups to ensure your data is always available and safe – a solid emergency plan.

There are many other benefits to cloud storage solutions, such as anytime, anywhere access – from any device connected to the internet; for locations with spotty internet connections, many solutions also offer offline mobile apps that allow users to access and manage client data with a database sync once an internet connection is established again. Restoration Management Software is typically much cheaper than hosting your own office solution, relatively maintenance free for the user (never again pay the high price for an IT specialist to troubleshoot your server issues!). Another benefit would be the ability to automate your workflow through integrated systems, customized workflows, and more.

As an industry technology leader, ClientRunner Software provides thousands of contractors the advanced restoration managmement software tools necessary to be prepared for any disaster. If such an event were to hit home, a contractor using ClientRunner wouldn’t skip a beat – they would have access to everything they need to get started on immediate repairs. Take control of your emergency preparation and business security by learning more about restoration management software with ClientRunner today!

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