How Water Restoration Software is on the Rise

The use of Water Restoration Software to help manage workflow has been on a steep rise over the past few years. If you are in the water mitigation or restoration industry and have yet to convert your workflow to a more automated solution, you may want to give it another look before you are left behind.

There are many contractors that continue to manage their water mitigation claims with pen and paper, and have done so successfully for years. While it undoubtedly has been a practice that has worked over time, the clocks stops for no one – innovation today continues forward at a rapid pace. Those that don’t innovate tend to fall behind, which can be a unrecoverable challenge for some contractors if they try to catch the trends too late in the game. Consider a few new advancements in technology that many contractors have already taken advantage of:

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File Management

When a new job comes in, many contractors today reach for a clipboard or notebook and pencil to begin taking notes and gather contact information. This practice is dated, insecure, and is in definite need for improvement. Using software to capture job information and store other necessary job data is often a quicker entry process, allows for consistent data entry on every job, saves job data in a single location accessible to all employees at any time, and more. If you have more than one employee that requires access to job information at any given time, your best solution for data management is through water restoration software.


As was mentioned above, mobility is an increasingly important benefit of using software today. Many contractors use apps on their smartphones or tablets to find or manage information. Most software systems today have mobile apps that allow users to access and enter job information wherever they go – whether that’s within the office, out in the field, or even on vacation. Mobile software solutions give you the power and flexibility of taking your company with you wherever you go – that truly is powerful!

Flexible Scheduling

As a restoration company grows, there’s an increasing importance of managing crew schedules efficiently. Using a single in-office calendar is rather limiting, as it requires one to be in the office for review and typically doesn’t offer the flexibility of ever-changing schedules and resource shifts. Using some online scheduling systems, such as Google Calendar, is a definite improvement, but unless it has a direct tie to your management system you are only reaping half the benefit. ClientRunner’s Water Restoration Software offers full scheduling capabilities and automatically connects directly to your list of jobs. As an example, you can directly schedule resources to open jobs, automatically time and date stamp your job record with notes from your schedule (event modification, date change, completed events, etc.), and much more. Additionally, most systems allow users to sync their schedule from a management system to other 3rd-party calendars for convenience. They are mobile friendly and accessible to all employees anytime, anywhere, eliminating the need for the team to check in with an office admin or call in to review their weekly schedule – a convenience and huge benefit to using water restoration software system for your scheduling needs.

This short list provides some great insight into the power that automated software use brings to restoration companies, but doesn’t include the countless other features that contractors love about such software systems. ClientRunner Software is a market leader in water restoration softare, providing all these benefits and more at a very affordable price. Whether you are currently using similar software to manage your restoration business today, or if you are looking at establishing a more efficient system for your team, let us show you all the power and benefits that ClientRunner’s water restoration software can offer you today!

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