Insurance Restoration Software Streamlines Efficiency

The insurance repair industry has steadily grown more complicated over time, potentially making the management of any number of moving pieces a daily challenge for contractors. The days of managing paper files and processes are quickly fading and it is becoming more imperative to embrace maximum efficiency systems. Truth be told, moving to a more modern system for managing insurance repair not only makes a company more efficient in tracking the moving pieces, but can bring many more benefits on organizational, managerial and workflow levels.

What is Insurance Restoration Software?

Insurance Restoration Software provides a systemized approach for contractors managing all aspects of residential or commercial insurance repair. From receiving claims and assignments from a queue managed by a carrier, to the appropriate documentation of claims, to automated data sync between the carrier and contractor systems, and much more, Insurance Restoration Software is designed to make the contractor an efficiency champion without skipping a beat or dropping the ball in the process!

Automated Assignment Delivery

Rapid response times in the insurance repair industry are an expectation today, and it’s critical that you have access to new claims or assignments as quickly as possible. Some Insurance Restoration Software, such as ClientRunner Software, have a direct integration with XactAnalysis and Xactimate in order to facilitate an immediate, automatic assignment sync. As soon as the assignment enters the contractor’s queue from the carrier, it can be on its way to their job management system to begin the work – why wait when you can automate? This practice essentially puts the property owner the center of focus – the quicker the repair efforts are complete, the quicker the property owner can move forward with their lives.

Full Documentation

It’s critical to document work performed on a job for insurance and legal purposes. ClientRunner’s Insurance Restoration Software provides all the tools necessary for complete documentation, both from the office and from the field. Easily enter job note records to notate work performed, upload pictures detailing property damage and repair efforts, schedule teams and dispatch crews for customized task lists, track relevant job information, such as claim numbers, policy numbers, structure age, and more. All this critical job information is housed within a single system, allowing your team to have a single point of contact, accessible anytime and anywhere. It truly is the death of cumbersome filing cabinets!

Constant Communication

There are always deadlines and communication requirements in working with insurance repair. Most Insurance Restoration Software systems provide robust means for communicating effectively with your employees, property owners, carriers, adjusters, and other necessary contacts involved in the repair effort. From incoming job messages, providing specific job details, updated calendar tasks, guest portals detailing specific job progress and information, and other means of communication, everyone will easily be in the know and on their way.

ClientRunner Software provides advanced Insurance Restoration Software to cleaning and restoration contractors interested in streamlining their existing processes. The ClientRunner system effectively provides the previously mentioned benefits to contractors, and much more! To learn more about how software can take your company to the next level, visit our website today!

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