In honor of International Women’s Day, we are shining a spotlight on Caitlin Rios, Vice President of Restoration Products for CoreLogic’s Global Insurance Division. Caitlin has been with CoreLogic since the acquisition of Next Gear Solutions, where she was the Director of Product Management.

Caitlin was just named to Insurance Business America’s list of 2024 Elite Women — its ninth annual report that highlights women who are making a difference across the insurance industry.

The Elite Women report was compiled with the assistance of an independent advisory panel with representatives from the Asian American Insurance Network, Latin American Association of Insurance Agencies (LAAIA), HUB International, and National African American Insurance Association (NAAIA).

We sat down with Caitlin to ask her a few questions about her experience at CoreLogic, and how she views her role as a leader in this industry.

Tell me what you do as the Vice President of Restoration Products for CoreLogic’s Global Insurance Division. What is a day in your professional life like?

I lead a team of 15 product managers, product owners, and analysts responsible for the vision and success of seven restoration products. Together with several other stakeholders, we create the vision for our products and work with the development team to implement new features and unlock additional product value for our customers. My day is packed with meetings, usually five to seven hours, with emails and Microsoft Teams messages in between. Those meetings vary. They include working one-on-one with my team members for brainstorming sessions, mentoring, or project updates, talking to customers and SMEs about problem statements for product discovery sessions, and describing product functionality and use cases to stakeholders.


What are your priorities as a leader? 

As a product leader, I encourage my department to reimagine the way insurance ecosystem, contractors and carriers work together so that ultimately policyholders – the people in their greatest time of need – benefit. While most product enhancements are built for one user base, just because we are focused on one portion of the puzzle doesn’t mean we don’t look at the whole picture. This way, we direct our products so that they are an easier fit for an integrated digital ecosystem. As a woman in leadership, I take contributions to diversity, equality, and inclusion seriously.  I understand that imposter syndrome is rampant among women across every industry – and I can speak from experience that it is certainly the case in the male-dominated insurance and technology industry. I urge my team – men and women alike – not to “fake it ‘til we make it,” but that we “‘faith’ it ‘til we make it.” This translates to believing in ourselves and pulling from our experiences as we all continue to learn and grow. As much as our industry needs to collaborate better both internally and with external partners, I focus on collaboration within my own team. We strive to make each other better with our differences, and I encourage everyone to challenge norms and policies with their own unique perspectives.

You have been called a woman of influence with the honor you just received. What do you think makes you a woman of influence?

A woman of influence brings other women with her along her professional journey.  I haven’t always known the conversations that decision-makers were having, so I didn’t know when my ideas could be impactful. Now that I am a part of these conversations, I include my female counterparts in the dialogue. I am transparent with my team and am open to their input. I give credit where credit is due. Many times, women are overlooked for their soft skills, but that is a strength in an industry that is very human-focused. I lean into those soft skills like empathetic thinking. That’s the perspective that has been lacking historically, and bringing more women into important conversations so that they bear influence on business decisions is key to an organization’s success.


What is your favorite part of your job?

I love mentoring others and more specifically, shedding light on deeper rooted issues. Asking challenging questions to unlock why someone is stuck in an area is much like a product manager searching for the value behind a new enhancement request. It’s so rewarding to watch someone else have that breakthrough moment, and it helps remind me of areas I can continue to self-improve.


Tell us an interesting fact about you.

Outside of the property insurance industry, I am also a proud owner of a business franchise that provides empowering fitness opportunities for everyone. I oversee a fitness facility for which the messaging to patrons, 95% of whom are women, is about loving who they are today and about being excited about the skin they are in – and growing with other people who are part of the community. It is about evolving both in terms of physical fitness and spirit, directed by immutable values of love, health and vibrancy, and self-improvement.

Since people often ask how I have the time to own a business, be a mom and work full time: I’m always nervous that people, especially women, will read that and think that a woman has to “do it all”. In reality, there is an ebb and flow to these activities, and I certainly don’t always get the balance right. The fitness business tapped into a different energy and inspiration that I didn’t know existed. It has made me a better, more focused leader and parent.

What are your goals for the rest of 2024?

My aim is to find five new ways to inspire my team to continue to define and evangelize a winning product strategy. I want to use GPT or other AI tools in a new way each month. In my personal life, I want to volunteer at my kids’ school twice a year and take a meaningful family trip. I want to contribute to a women’s business organization with my kids.  (P.S. I love goals! I have my personal goals hanging on my wall next to my computer monitor.)

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