In the words of CoreLogic’s water mitigation experts, “Water doesn’t cause damage. Time does.”

There are so many elements of a water mitigation job that make it complex — and thus more time consuming. One of those elements is documentation, which is why CoreLogic developed CoreLogic® Restoration | Mitigate™, a brand new field documentation application for water mitigation technicians. It is a workflow solution that makes documentation requirements simple to complete for every restoration job involving water damage.

The complexities of water mitigation and the importance of documentation

Water mitigation is a complex science. No job is the same, and the techniques and methods of approach for drying structures are equally varied. Through each drying project, water mitigation technicians must have an effective way to deduce that they are making daily positive gains. If you aren’t reversing the damage, then it just gets worse. This leads to permanent property damage, microbial growth, and more.

Water mitigation projects typically span many days. During the course of a drying project, there are many moving parts and different people involved. It’s critical to understand what measures have been taken to mitigate the property damage. Restorers must capture all the pertinent details of these jobs in a centralized place that is easy for everyone involved to access. It’s imperative to have a source of documentation that illustrates the drying process because, as the old saying goes, “if it isn’t documented, it didn’t happen.”

The ANSI/IICRC S500 Standard[1] positions documentation as an integral part of professional water damage restoration. This ANSI/IICRC S500 recommendation includes, but is not limited to, documenting the overall drying strategy, signed contracts and agreements, conditions of the property upon inspection through photo documentation and collection of atmospheric and material moisture readings, and monitoring of those conditions to demonstrate the efficacy of the drying strategy.

The bottom line is: documentation rules water mitigation projects. Technicians are responsible for keeping accurate and comprehensive records of all their activities.

Ideally, they would be able to keep these records in a format that would empower them to make data-driven decisions about the direction of every project. With such a solution, technicians could easily and immediately see where an adjustment to their drying strategy would be needed (when damaged areas weren’t showing improvement).

Well, now with Mitigate, there is such a solution.

How Mitigate establishes fail-proof documentation process

Mitigate provides a simple, yet comprehensive way to document the water mitigation process.

Born of MICA™ — the first digital workflow solution for water loss documentation — Mitigate is the next step in the evolution of water mitigation process documentation software. With Mitigate, an application that water mitigation technicians can access on their mobile devices, CoreLogic has reimagined the loss documentation workflow so that documentation is now a smoother part of the water mitigation job process.

Here’s how Mitigate enables technicians to more accurately complete documentation requirements while on water loss project sites:

  1. It has a modern, intuitive user interface. Mitigate presents forms to users through a configurable workflow so that documentation matches the order of operations of any given job. CoreLogic has designed these user-friendly workflows so that technicians can document relevant job details with as few clicks of a button as possible.
  2. The system is embedded with ANSI/IICRC S500 compliance. By following the documentation procedures laid out by Mitigate, users will automatically meet the industry standard compliance requirements for water mitigation projects.
  3. You can generate floor plans directly in the system. With Mitigate’s room scanning feature, Mitigate Scan™, technicians can create floor plans that include dimensions instantly while onsite—directly from their LiDAR capable mobile devices. Users simply have to scan an area with their devices, and these diagrams, complete with measurements, are generated instantly and are also immediately editable.
  4. Mitigate is a cloud-based application, allowing for real-time updates. Whenever a technician makes an update from the field, it is directly synced with the system so in-office professionals are updated. This keeps everyone in the loop and on the same page for all water restoration projects.

By leveraging Mitigate, property restoration professionals will shorten claim lifecycles and infuse greater accuracy into every step of the water loss documentation process.

How to get started with Mitigate

If you use MICA, you can start using Mitigate immediately by downloading it on the app store. If you’re not already using MICA, schedule a demo with our team to get started with both MICA and Mitigate.

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