Level up sales and marketing with CoreLogic® Restoration | CRM™

In our last blog, we discussed how DASH™—CoreLogic’s comprehensive, customizable job management platform—enables property restoration firms to scale. The ability to grow your businesses seamlessly is especially important in today’s environment, which presents increased and more severe natural disasters.

DASH also comes with add-ons that enhance the ability of users to maximize the reach of their businesses amid an influx of restoration job opportunities.

One software that integrates with DASH is CoreLogic® Restoration | CRM™ (formerly LuxorCRM™), a customer relationship management tool built expressly for the property restoration industry. This CRM system helps you manage all your company’s relationships – those with longtime customers and those with prospects.

The CoreLogic Restoration CRM pulls all contact and company data directly from DASH. Having all your customer and prospect data in this centralized location allows for optimal organization. With Restoration CRM’s features and functionalities, property restoration firms can fully maximize the sales and marketing resources they already have to harness more business opportunities.

Here’s what you can do with CoreLogic Restoration | CRM to take advantage of all the opportunities that today’s environment presents for property restoration firms:

1. Create impactful email marketing campaigns

It is important to nurture relationships—in other words, stay in touch with customers and prospects so that your company remains on their radar when they need to employ restoration contractors. The most effective way to do this is with email marketing campaigns. Regularly touching base with your contacts will ensure that you stay top of mind with those in need of your services.

With CoreLogic Restoration CRM, you can create sophisticated email templates for sending automatically to target customers and prospects. Restoration CRM also enables users to create drip campaigns, which are a series of automated emails sent to persons who have clicked through a specific area on your website.
You can also measure the performance of your email campaigns with Restoration CRM, which has an interactive dashboard that presents the data behind each campaign in charts and other visually appealing ways designed to assist in the creation of the best possible email campaigns for nurturing important relationships.

2. Know which customer relationships to prioritize

No matter one’s profession, the old adage “work smarter, not harder” applies and Sales is no exception. Sales representatives should spend their time engaging with prospects and customers who will most likely bring business to the organization.

In Restoration CRM, you can track referrals. The system automatically notes referral sources, and it is also possible to classify contacts based on the last time they referred a job to you. In turn, sales professionals can focus their efforts on relationships that are most likely to generate business.

3. Keep tabs on lead activity

Our CRM platform also features a powerful report builder that enables users to generate custom reports. Each of these reports provides different insights on leads. Some examples include activity reports, lost time investment reports, relationship performance reports, and employee activity reports. all designed to assist managers hold sales and marketing teams accountable and ensure that professionals are managing their time and efforts wisely—and on the right targets.

These reports also allow managers to refocus sales and marketing efforts where necessary.

Based on this intelligence, managers can also assign the right contacts to the right sales team members. Users can also set up triggers in the system to remind them to make regular meaningful touch points with their assigned contacts.

Maximize your resources with CoreLogic Restoration | CRM

With CoreLogic Restoration CRM, there is no need to staff up to meet the increased demands of today’s property restoration industry. Users can scale up sales and marketing efforts designed for nurturing relationships with prospects and customers Sales teams can gain the insights needed to form business development strategies. Managers have all of the data they need at their fingertips to keep their sales teams positioned strategically. In In short, CoreLogic’s Restoration CRM is one of several DASH add-ons designed to assist restoration firms rise to the occasion and take advantage of today’s increased job opportunities.

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